Tea Break @ Countrypatch Cafe, Times Square

I just had my pedicure session at Nails & Wax with Kaylie this afternoon. I had been experiencing pain on both my big toes as the ingrown had started to grow deeper, at least that was what Rachel (my manicurist) told me this afternoon. But they are a lot better now. She did not remove all ingrown as they had grown too deep and she asked me to bear with the pain for a few months until they grow above my skin. Well, I had been there before so it’s still okay for me.


Had nail color this time round instead of the usual buff and shine. The total price for pedicure with or without color is B$25. But if you are a Standard Chartered Bank credit cardholder, you will be entitled to 13% discount for Visa Platinum and 15% for Visa Infinite.

If you are planning to have a pedicure session soon, why not try Nails & Wax? Their pricing may be a little steep compared to any salon in town by almost double the price but the experience was well worth it as their manicurist are very skilled especially when dealing with ingrown. I had experienced worst whereby my toes ended up bleeding when the manicurist was trying to deal with my ingrown. Do look for either Juliana or Rachel if you decided to try Nails & Wax for yourself and be sure to make an appointment with them via +673-712884.

Anyways, Kaylie and I headed over to Countrypatch Cafe, Times Square for some food after our pedicure session as I was starting to feel a little bit hungry. Speaking of food, I had supper at ISC Lau Di Fang yesterday evening after work with KinG. I ordered for a plate of Fried Kueh Tiaw. It tasted pretty bland to me so I requested for cut chili and it never came. Think I am not gonna return there for quite some time.


It’s been a while since I last took a selfie. LOL! To be honest, my skin complexion is not as smooth as shown in the picture above. My Sony NEX-3N automatically smoothed out my skin complexion. Cameras nowadays had such function, hence making Photoshop not as necessary as before.

Anyways, it’s food pictures time …

I actually intended to head over to Taty’s Cafe for their famous Lamb Burger but according to Kaylie, they don’t open the whole day. I think only for a specific few hours per day. I was surprisingly craving for burgers today, so Kaylie suggested Countrypatch Cafe, Times Square since they serve good burgers.


Junior Cheeseburger Beef | B$7.50


Junior Cheeseburger Chicken | B$7.50

Both Kaylie and I ordered the same dish but with different fillings. Kaylie had beef patty while I had the chicken patty. Both patties were homemade by Countrpatch Cafe. They tasted not bad, juicy and tender albeit they used the flesh from a chicken breast. Flavoring was adequately done with black pepper. The fries were not those which you can buy frozen from a grocery store. Homemade with a real potato because the “inside” wasn’t very soft.


Chocolate Mud Cake | B$4.80

I was also craving for something chocolate-y today. Wonder what’s going on with all my sudden cravings in a day. Maybe it’s almost time of the month again. Anyways, the cake was good and it was not overly sweet. Topped with whipped cream and partly drenched with warm melted dark chocolate.

Countrypatch Cafe, Times Square
Times Square Shopping Centre,
#G6A, Ground Floor,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2337917

2 thoughts on “Tea Break @ Countrypatch Cafe, Times Square

  1. I know it’s due to the camera but omg your skin is so perfect! And you have dimples haha xD At first i thought why so small the burger!!! Then turned out it’s the Junior one LOL. Mmmm this made me wanna have a burger :9 There’s a new Indian restaurant opened at the Citis Square recently! I think it’s name is Harleem, next to the Fun Donut shop hehe. The interior looks lavish ❤

    • I do wish to have that kind of skin, but no such luck. LOL!

      Hmm … Did not see a new Indian restaurant when I was at Citis Square last Sunday though. I was craving for Roti Canai but I don’t remember there’s any Indian restaurant set up in the area. So, we went to Countrypatch Cafe instead.

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