Birthday Dinner @ Shabulicious Restaurant, Delima

Hahaha … Please do not get the wrong idea. It’s not my birthday celebration this time. But it’s the advanced birthday dinner for Kaylie. She’s celebrating her 23rd birthday on this coming Sunday but since I won’t be around on that day, I decided to celebrate with her in advance as her family or Kevin (the boyfriend) might want to celebrate with her on the exact date.

I gave Kaylie the privilege to choose which restaurant she wanted to go to since she gave me the privilege too previously on my birthday. Out of my surprise, she chose Shabulicious Restaurant which I never thought she would. I should have guessed that since she wanted to try Shabulicious Restaurant some weeks ago. But I am not much of a hotpot person, so I passed.

But I went ahead with her decision this time since I gave her the privilege to choose in the first place. So, Shabulicious Restaurant it was.


The interior design of Shabulicious Restaurant, Delima is similar to their main branch located in Batu Bersurat. They have this illuminated signage which changes to few different colors on every few seconds but I only managed to capture one.

The restaurant was half crowded when we arrived so we were seated by the bar counter as the rest of the tables were for a minimum group of 4. We were not completely unaware of the different ordering system compared to other Shabu-Shabu restaurants in town. They have this service buttons on the table whereby you press to seek for the attention of the waiters or waitresses.

I pressed it for about 4 times and no one came to entertain us until I waved at a waitress when she walked by and she “glumly” took a piece of order form along with a pencil for us. Seriously? You could have done that in a nicer manner. Both Kaylie and I were completely unimpressed with the customer service. The waitress who brought us our menus earlier should have informed us that we have to write down our orders on the order form before calling out for a staff. How am I supposed to know how your ordering system work if I am a new customer who had never been to your restaurant?

Instead of ordering hotpot dishes, both Kaylie and I settled for ala carte dishes instead. I don’t feel like having hot soup albeit it was drizzling outside.


Chicken Luncheon Omelette (Small) | B$8.00

This was way overpriced! The cost price for this is probably like B$3.00? B$5.00 would sound reasonable but definitely not B$8.00. I sort of complained when Kaylie told me that she wanted to order this. I told her that I could make her some and probably taste nicer than the one served here. The presentation of the omelette was average. Taste wise, it was not bad but tad bit oily though.


Butter Egg Prawn With Fried Rice | B$7.00

The actual price for Butter Egg Prawn with plain rice is B$6.50 but if you wanted the rice to be fried with eggs, there will be an additional charge of B$0.50. Kaylie complained that the fried rice was oily and tasted bland. It was surprising to me that she ordered prawn dish when she is allergic towards seafood. Something must be bugging her to the extent that she is willing to torture her body with rashes.


Nasi Lemak Special | B$5.00

Don’t be shocked with the color of the rice in the above picture. The rice was cooked with coconut milk to make it smell and taste fragrant. I wondered if the green coloring actually came from Pandan leaves or green coloring. I couldn’t taste any Pandan flavor and so did Kaylie. The deep fried chicken was very nice and crunchy but the sambal paste was extremely spicy though. Could only finish half of the paste before it burnt my tongue.

Kaylie said that perhaps she should bring Kevin to Shabulicious Restaurant next time since he likes hot and spicy food. I once kidded Kevin that he has an iron clad tongue. He claimed that the sambal paste served at Waroeng Penyet, Times Square is not spicy at all when my tongue was practically burning with fire throughout the entire dinner and I kept on stuffing myself with water to cool down the spiciness. LOL!

Shabulicious Restaurant
1 & 2, Ground Floor,
Block C, Lot 6074,
Kampung Delima Satu, Mukim Berakas,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2238333


4 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner @ Shabulicious Restaurant, Delima

  1. I’m a bit shocked because i thought you guys gonna have some hot pot, since it’s Shabulicious xD I went pass through the restaurant last time when i went to photocopy something. Didn’t have time to check there >.<

    • Hahaha … I guess we both aren’t a huge fan of hot pot then. Well, we actually planned to have hot pot but their menu don’t seem to entice me.

      And my friend doesn’t feel like having it so it’s gonna be too much for me to eat alone. Plus the pot is really huge for one person.

  2. I used to be obsessed with Hot Pot since i was small but now not really much. Idk why lol. I guess hot pot makes you full very easily & faster since it’s fill with soups & the also the large quantity. Having said that, i like the hot pot at Shabu Shabu Kiulap :9 I dined there quite few many times hehe. And it’s quite nice. Btw i find those fried rice & nasi lemak kinda pricey!

    • Yeah … I had been to the one at Kiulap too but I don’t like that they used many lettuce to cover the base to make the ingredients looks big in portion when in actual fact there’s only a little.

      I actually preferred the Shabulicious at Batu Bersurat though but it’s been a while since I last went there.

      Yeah … The Nasi Lemak was indeed pricey but it’s actually nice. The chili paste was a bit too spicy for me though but still nice as well. The chicken was fried to perfection, very crunchy. =D But the Butter Egg Prawns was indeed overpriced.

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