Most Hideous Looking Cake I Ever Baked

I was trying out Marble Cake yesterday evening after my dinner with Kaylie at Shabulicious Restaurant, Delima. I promised to bake her a cake since I had been into baking lately. She told me that she was hoping that there wouldn’t be any cake frosting on her birthday cake this year. I bought the ingredients for Marble Cake before our dinner. Started the preparation once I got home. And by the time the cake was done, it was almost twelve midnight.


The cake started to crack in the middle in the mid of the baking process and it looked even more hideous towards the end. I thought perhaps something was wrong with the temperature hence the whole thing cracked. And it turned out that the cake was under cooked as well. I did not realize that it was under cooked until my colleague told me so. She told me that I shouldn’t mix the flour with an electronic mixer but simply mix them with a hand whisk.


The marbling effect looked okay for me. The sweetness level is moderate but my colleague told me not to reduce level by too much as the sugar is very much needed to make the cake soft and fluffy. Jennifer even suggested that I could beautify the crater by putting some fruits or fresh whipped cream on top of it. Well, it’s gonna be a waste anyways since the cake itself is under cooked.

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