Review: Superior King Bedroom @ Meritz Hotel, Miri

As some of you may have known, I was in Miri last Sunday to meet up with some friends. The main reason why I was supposed to be in Miri the other day was to attend Elsey’s wedding dinner but it got postponed at the very last minute. And I wasn’t allowed to get a refund for a room cancellation and there is no amendment allowed either. As mentioned in my previous entry, I arrived Meritz Hotel some time before eight in the morning and requested for an early check-in and the request was denied as the hotel was fully booked on the previous night.

So, I went back to the hotel some time before four in the afternoon for check-in since the standard check-in time stated to be two in the afternoon. But unfortunately, I was being told that my room wasn’t ready yet as the housekeepers were still cleaning the rooms. And they only have rooms on the smoking floors available for check-in but I requested for a non-smoking floor. But the receptionist was nice enough to call the housekeepers to check if there’s any room available on the non smoking floor when I told him that I was desperately in need of a shower. And I was presented two key cards to my hotel room after a phone call away. Yay!

I was being given Room 1116 this time round and it was at the very far end of the floor. Both Patrick and Ing kept on asking me whether it feels spooky to stay in hotel alone. Well, I am pretty used to it as I don’t like room sharing unless when I am on a holiday in another country. I can afford a room all to myself in Miri anyways. LOL!


This was what greeted me when I opened the door to my room. It was slightly bigger compared to the one that I stayed on last March. The room came with a big counter whereby you can place your luggage and stuffs on top of it.



I remembered requesting for a shower room with shower cubicle instead of a bathtub but I was being given this instead. At least, they have a handheld shower head instead of those intact on the wall permanently. The bathtub was slightly bigger than the standard ones from Imperial Hotel and Imperial Palace Hotel. But unfortunately, the water heater system sort of malfunctioned. I turned the knob to the left side whereby it stated hot water but the water which came out was cool. I made no bother to call maintenance since I am only staying for the night.


The bed was pretty comfortable in my opinion as I slept through the entire night until my alarm went off the next morning. I normally couldn’t sleep soundly in a hotel room and I woke up occasionally throughout the entire night. But I slept through the entire night this time round, perhaps I was too knackered as I only had few hours of sleep on the previous night.



All rooms are given complimentary breakfast for two in the morning. I went down for breakfast alone the next morning before coming back to Bandar. Food was average in my opinion. There weren’t much food which I liked to eat. They don’t have hash brown this time round but some beef and chicken sausages and wedges. So, I had omelette, French toast, two pieces of vegetarian spring rolls and a piece of white toast.


The omelette was nicely done and I like how toasted the bread was. I could never get this toasted with the toaster I have at home. And my parents never liked me eating extremely toasted bread. French toast was acceptable but not the best since it was already cold and soggy. The spring rolls were non-edible as they were both cold and soggy as well.


I was surprised that they recycled their room card keys’ docket this time. The first time when I was staying at Meritz Hotel, I don’t remember they recycled their dockets. But they were doing grand opening at that point of time when I stayed. So, recycling the dockets don’t look very nice when you are doing a grand opening.

Verdict: My experience with Meritz Hotel this time round was slightly more pleasant compared to the previous one. I did not have any parking issue problem as I did not have to park my car at the basement of Bintang Megamall. The lifts were faster this time round as there was three lifts operating rather than two only. I got a bigger room this time round compared to the one that I had last time. Room cleanliness was good in my opinion but not with the carpet. The carpet was extremely dirty and walking in room slippers is mandatory.

WiFi is complimentary but you have to rent a wireless modem docket from the hotel reception whereby you will be charged a refundable deposit of RM50. It was RM120 previously but they cut it down to RM50 now. The RM50 deposit will be refunded back to your upon your check-out. Internet was quick, so no complaint on the Internet side. Every rooms were equipped with a 32″ flat screen TV but I wasn’t able to fully utilize the television the other day as the remote control seem not to be functioning properly. Couldn’t be sure if it was the battery problem or the problem of the remote control itself.

Albeit I was staying on a non-smoking floor, I could still smell cigarette smoke around the corridor as I walked by. Guess that not all guests are very abiding to the policies given by Meritz Hotel.

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Meritz Hotel
Bintang Megamall
Jalan Miri-Pujut,
98000, Miri,
East Malaysia.
Tel: +6 085 417888


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