Dinner @ ISC Lau Di Fang

Joo Sie, an ex-colleague of mine invited another two colleagues and I for dinner at ISC Lau Di Fang yesterday evening. But unfortunately, the other two colleagues did not turn up yesterday as it was pouring cats and dogs at their place and they couldn’t leave home. So, it was only down to Joo Sie and I. ISC Lau Di Fang was crowded with patrons when I arrived but Joo Sie found a table for four at the back of the restaurant.

When taking our orders, the waitress informed us that there’s gonna be a delay in food serving as they are facing some problems with their cooking stoves. *weird*


Hot Milo | B$1.00

I wasn’t into any coffee or tea drinks yesterday evening, so I had Hot Milo instead. It’s not something which I’ll order for dinner but there’s always a first time for everything. LOL!


Salad Prawn Rice | B$5.50

Joo Sie highly recommended this, so I went along without going through the trouble of finding what I wanted to eat from the menu. It took approximately 20 – 30 minutes  for this to be served. The portion of the dipping sauce was generous and the prawn batter was crunchy. The prawns inside the batter were tiny though. I had mine with plain rice while Joo Sie had hers with fried rice and she complained that it was the driest fried rice that she ever had.

I wasn’t extremely keen when I found out the venue for yesterday’s dinner. But since Joo Sie was the one who invited us, we went along with her choice of dinner’s place. I was there few weekends ago with KinG for supper and the food was too bland and no one brought what I requested. I requested for some cut chili in soy sauce but it never came and I did not bother to make a second request. I ended up not finishing what I ordered.

ISC Lau Di Fang
Simpang: 21, Block A, Unit 7,
Ground Floor, Gadong Central,
Kampung Menglait, BE3919,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2427217


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