Desserts @ ZenQ Desserts, Miri

After lunch at 8 Lotus Cafe, the two guys and I headed over to ZenQ Desserts for shaved ice desserts last Sunday afternoon. We were partially full from our lunch at 8 Lotus Cafe, therefore we had got plenty of spaces to add in more food. Drove over from the city centre to Boulevard area as ZenQ is located there. Thank goodness that there was plenty of parking spaces available when we arrived. Guess that majority populations are more into desserts after dinner rather than after lunch.

Patrick insisted that he pays as he felt bad for having KinG and I to pay for his lunch when Andrea and him wanted to pay for my lunch as a birthday treat. Well, we both joked Patrick that it’s his turn to pay for us when we visit him in Singapore next time. LOL! Everything in Singapore is costly so paying for his lunch or dinner in Miri was extremely worthy for the both of us. Hahaha … xD

Well, Patrick always pay for us every time when we visit him in Singapore anyways. Both Andrea and Patrick had been nothing but extremely accommodating when we were in Singapore. So, when either one of them returns to Miri, we make it a habit that we pay for him if we were to go out for meals together.

Anyways, let’s get back to what I intended to do today.


ZenQ Grass Jelly | RM4.90

I had this too when I was at ZenQ Desserts for the first time with Ing and Alan few months ago. I wanted to try their hot desserts but unfortunately, they only had one to choose from and it came with lots of red beans. Red bean soup is never my favorite dessert so I gave it a pass and settled with something which I am familiar with.

I chose their homemade Matcha ice-cream. Their Matcha ice-cream is not as smooth as those sold in other dessert shops or those you can get from supermarket. The texture is much rougher and icy to me. But nevertheless, it still tasted good with a decent hint of Matcha taste.


ZenQ Signature | RM7.90

Patrick’s choice of dessert. This is actually what I wanted to order but in hot version. But unfortunately, they only serve this in cold. The portion was too big and Patrick couldn’t finish it. But I think he preferred the one that he had at BlackBall few months ago when I visited Andrea and him in Singapore.


Mango Sago | RM6.90

KinG’s choice of dessert, the only one who managed to finish his dessert. LOL! And ended up with few trips to the washroom. I think he did not realize that he is one lactose intolerant person.

ZenQ Desserts
Ground Floor, Lot 2515,
Jalan Boulevard 3B,
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri,
East Malaysia.
Tel: +6 085 419979


4 thoughts on “Desserts @ ZenQ Desserts, Miri

    • The only Durian desserts which I knew in Brunei is the Durian Cake from Secret Recipe and Durian Pancake or Cheesecake from The Xinful Cafe.

      But I find their Durian Pancake too durian-y and it came with generous amount of whipped cream as well. If consumed freshly made, it’s okay. But not when left in the fridge for quite some time.

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