Review: Station One Leisure Cafe, Miri

After watching Firestorm at GSC Bintang Megamall, the two guys and I went for dinner at Station One Leisure Cafe. Ing came by to meet me at Bintang Megamall as she wanted to do bra shopping at Parkson. So, she joined the three of us for dinner since she has yet had any. I think one of us suggested Sushi King but I disapproved it instantly as my previous experience at Sushi King hasn’t been a great one. I would rather return to Bandar for sushi instead of having it in Miri.

Then Ing came up with Station One Leisure Cafe and KinG instantly agreed. I wonder what’s the hype about Station One Leisure Cafe until I walked into the cafe and found out that they have a live band performing that night. We chose a table inside the cafe as the exterior cafe is fogged up with cigarette smoke.

My experience with Station One Leisure Cafe this time round hasn’t been a pleasant one in terms of the food quality. Customer service is still average to me but at least it’s better than their food quality. Their food looked good on the outside. But when you took the first bite, you’ll know that it’s not the best of all.

Let’s start with the food pictures, shall we?


Watermelon Juice | RM6.30

The only food which I am satisfied with throughout the entire dinner was probably this beverage which I ordered for myself. It’s freshly squeezed from a whole watermelon with no sugar syrup in it. Completely original but I couldn’t finish the whole jug as the portion was too big.


Hot Fudge Sundae | RM7.30

Ing did not order any beverage but this. Before ordering this, she asked if we would like to go for ice-cream after dinner. The three of us shook our heads immediately as we were still full from our desserts at ZenQ Desserts earlier in the afternoon. So, she ordered this for herself in order to satisfy her craving.


Chocolate Milk Shake | RM7.90


Tempura Squid Rings | RM11.90

Before ordering this, I made sure that the rest eat squids apart from Patrick as he is allergic towards any kind of seafood. But I don’t remember Ing eating this though. I knew I hated this the moment when I took my first bite. It is nothing like the Calamari Rings that I had here in Brunei. Instead of coating the squid with flour batter, the Tempura Squid Rings was practically some deep fried flour batter with few pieces of tiny chopped squid.


Hawaiian Pizza | RM19.90

We all ordered one pizza that we all could eat in order to accommodate Patrick’s allergic towards seafood. When this was placed in front of us, the four of us were looking at it intently wondering how many pineapple cubes are there on top of the pizza. LOL! And we decided that they were way too skimp with their pineapple portion. The pizza tasted okay for them but not for me. Perhaps I am used to the pizza from Pizza Hut?


Chicken Galore Wings | RM11.90

Ing intended to order their Chicken Drummets but it was not available at that point of time so she settled with this instead. I did not have this as I am pretty sick of deep fried chicken wings after having it for at least once a week for the past two years.

Verdict: Food was horrible in my opinion but it depends on whether you went for dinner or the sake of chilling out and meet up with some friends while having booze. If you are planning to go there for dinner, I think you need to think twice as the food is not even worthy for the price paid. The live band was okay in my opinion but I would very much preferred the one that I encountered at Shuffle Bistro Bar in Singapore.

Station One Leisure Cafe
Lot. G28, Ground Floor,
Bintang Megamall,
Lot 1657, Block 9,
MCLD, Jalan Miri-Pujut,
98000, Miri, Sarawak,
East Malaysia.
Tel: +6 085 426149


2 thoughts on “Review: Station One Leisure Cafe, Miri

  1. There used to be so many Station Ones in the Klang Valley. Always packed to the brim. But in recent years one by one they have closed down. Only a few are left. But yeah i agree the food at Station One has always been crap.

    • There’s only one in Miri though. Business been good but I don’t think people go there for the food but the booze and live band only.

      The live band which performed other day, one was good and the other was so so only.

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