Sunday (22.12.2013)

Spent most of my day today on the road. Drove down to KB just for the sake of collecting my newly purchased iPhone 5S. As I mentioned previously, I bought an iPhone 5S from a colleague of KinG’s for B$900. KinG is supposed to pass it over to me on next Tuesday or Wednesday when he’s in Bandar but my cut-out SIM card could no longer work on my previous iPhone 4 as the SIM card was cut pretty badly. And I had to use my Malaysia DiGi SIM card on my iPhone 4 until this afternoon when I took over my iPhone 5S from him.

I had finally completed setting up the phone including keying in each and every contacts from my previous iPhone 4. I did not realize that I could backup my previous iPhone 4 into my iTunes and then sync it out later when I plug in my iPhone 5S into the computer. Hence, being called a noob when KinG realized that I am keying in all contacts and did not do any backup on my iTunes. *sweat* At least, I am done with them all now. LOL!


Couldn’t find any wallpaper which I liked so I settled with this for the time being until I found one. Brought my new phone to one of the mobile shop in KB to have it screen protected before fitting it with my pre-purchased iPhone casing. Paid B$12 to have it screen protected for both sides.


Gonna sell my previous iPhone 4 albeit I intended to use it as an iPod after I got my iPhone 5S. But oh well, last minute change of decision. Restored the entire phone yesterday’s evening after I came home from work. Just realized that my phone looked so brand new when removing the casing. LOL!


Baked these Orange Sponge Cupcakes this morning before driving down to KB. They were not very successful but edible. Dad said it was extremely sweet for his liking. Well, it’s not that sweet actually but I think his tolerance level for sweet stuffs is very low. Albeit it’s flavored with orange, but they don’t smell or taste tangy though.


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