Review: Seafood Spaghetti @ Fish & Co., Citis Square

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tummy not been good to me today since morning. Had mild diarrhea this morning but it was slightly better now. Probably due to the instant Maggie Curry noodles which I had yesterday evening when I got home after work.

Colleague made Durian Cheesecake and brought some to work this morning. Had two pieces of it only as I am currently on a strictly no breakfast routine. Not that I am going on a diet but trying to lose the water retention in my body through Amway Nutrilite Nutrition drink which Ing made for me.

It costs me RM520 for one whole month worth of nutrition drink, so better drink it up lest it’s gonna be a waste of my money!


Seafood Spaghetti | B$10.95

Had late lunch alone at Fish & Co., Citis Square few Mondays ago when I just got back from Miri. I went back to the office to settle some matters and drove over to Airport Mall for some groceries shopping. Felt a little bit hungry so I dropped by at Fish & Co. for some lunch.

I am not much of a Fish & Chip fan so I rarely order Fish & Chip when I am at Fish & Co. Pasta is more like my favourite and Fish & Co. serves quite decent pastas in my opinion. I intended to try Prawn Fettuccine the other day but I was afraid that my tummy won’t be able to tolerate the spiciness as the pasta is blended with Chili Cream. But I ended up ordering up few days ago when I was at Fish & Co. again. LOL!

Seafood Spaghetti came with generous portion of seafood. Couple of mussels, calamari rings, prawns and fish fillets. The sauteed prawns were salty for my liking but they were pretty fresh though. The calamari rings weren’t overcooked. The pasta was cooked al dente and the sauce was just nice.

Fish & Co.
Lot 18/19, Citis Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Mukim Berakas,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2392666


2 thoughts on “Review: Seafood Spaghetti @ Fish & Co., Citis Square

  1. No breakfast? Or you just only consume Amway Nutrilite Nutrition drink in the morning? In my opinion breakfast is really important :3 I’m trying to eat healthy diet foods now because i wanna lose weight & since it’s almost new year, why not? New year, new lifestyle xD But of course self indulging in bad foods once in a while is gonna still be possible & it won’t hurt right :p Is the pasta really nice at Fish & Co? I never have had their pastas yet!

    • Yeah … No breakfast since last Saturday, I think. But I cheated this morning and had two pieces of Durian Cheesecake. This nutrition drink comes with ingredients that you need for breakfast. It contains protein powder, barley powder, Lecithin E, Fibre Powder and some others which I don’t remember.

      My friend packed my nutrition drink powder in packets so that’s easier for me to consume. One packet of nutrition drink powder to be stirred with 400ml of plain water.

      You can still have your usual breakfast even if you are consuming the nutrition drink but it all depends on individuals. My friend told me to just stick with the nutrition drink only as breakfast unless I am feeling hungry.

      The reason why I drank it as breakfast is that the nutrition drink works best from 9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m. That’s when your intestine is working, at least that’s what my friend said. And hopefully, I will be able to lose some inches three months later.

      It actually depends on individuals’ preferences though. Some may like the pastas served at Fish & Co. while some may not. I find it okay because I am lazy to drive to other restaurants for pastas. LOL!

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