Mita Cake House’s Chicken Pie

Happy New Year 2014 in advance!

Today is the last day of year 2013. Have you accomplished majority of the resolutions which you set for yourself in early of the year? To be honest, resolution making and accomplishing them are never my forte and I have not been making any since a few years ago. If you had made any resolution in early of this year, perhaps today is the time whereby you will evaluate how much resolutions you have accomplished?

Anyways, Dad just got home from Kuching yesterday evening. As usual, whenever either of my parents return to Kuching, they would come back with either some fruits or desserts. And we got Chicken Pie again this time. Instead of the ones from ALOHA Delicatessen Bakery, we were being given the ones from Mita Cake House this time round!

As I mentioned previously, Chicken Pie never used to be one of my favourite food as majority which I had tasted came with a dry pastry skin. But these from Kuching turned out to be above my expectation. I used to say that those Chicken Pie from ALOHA Delicatessen Bakery are the best which I had tasted but I preferred the ones from Mita Cake House more now!


Chicken Pie | RM2.50 each

In terms of food presentation, it may not be as good as the ones from ALOHA Delicatessen Bakery but the flavoring is perfect! Instead using diced chicken cubes, Mita Cake House used shredded chicken flesh and mixed them with their own special gravy with big onions, button mushrooms and black pepper powder topped with cheese and a small slice of tomato. The portion of shredded chicken flesh was extremely generous. The Chicken Pie tasted a little bit spicy at the same time due to the black pepper powder.

You might be wondering why the Chicken Pie don’t look solid and stable? That’s because instead of heating them oven baked, Mom steamed them. LOL! You must think it’s weird but I liked it steamed more. Hahaha … xD

Perhaps I should try mastering the skill of pie making next? LOL!

Mita Cake House
155A, Jalan Satok,
Kuching, 93400,
East Malaysia.
Tel: +6082-361368


2 thoughts on “Mita Cake House’s Chicken Pie

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!! XD ^o^ No any resolutions because you know what, who cares LOL :p JK. More diet & less eating is my main resolution! But then there’s Burger King just opened in Brunei! XD Flawless though ❤ More international franchises opening in Brunei!

    • Happy New Year to you too.

      No point of making resolution for myself as I usually ended up not bothered to accomplish them by the end of the year. LOL!

      Yeah … I just heard about Burger King opening in town. I heard it’s located next to Standard Chartered Bank? But I remembered the next vacant shop lot wasn’t very big.

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