Today’s Breakfast #14

It’s been a while since I last did Today’s Breakfast blog entry. So, here’s one today.


Tai Ka Luk’s Kolo Mee

Mom bought me this as supper yesterday evening when she went grocery shopping at Hua Ho, Delima yesterday evening. Before eating it, she reminded me not to eat up a whole packet as the portion is pretty huge. So instead of having it yesterday evening as supper, I had it this morning as breakfast.

PS: When I was running some errands just now, I found out that there’s a new Japanese restaurant which is about to open soon in town. It’s called Sakura Sushi Restaurant. It’s located on the same block as Great Eastern Insurance. Sakura Sushi Restaurant is just on the next shop to Great Eastern Insurance.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Breakfast #14

    • When I drove by yesterday, I saw that they still have the roller shutter opened halfway nia. So, assuming that it’s gonna open real soon. Maybe before Chinese New Year?

      Have you heard that Burger King is opening in Brunei soon? Some rumored that it has already opened but Burger King clarified that they are still undergoing renovation.

      I never returned to Gohan Sushi Restaurant after I went there for the first time. They kept calling me to collect their membership card which I applied on my first visit. Wondered if their food quality improved after all these while?

      When was the last time you went Gohan Sushi Restaurant? I am gonna go try Ikura Sushi Restaurant again this Sunday. Hopefully, it will be better like you said the other day.

      • Yeah, I heard about Burger King – not sure if it’s opened yet.. but I did hear that they will be coming over to set up a branch in Brunei >,>

        I never returned to Gohan Sushi as well cause the food is not that great there.. The last time I was there was a month or so when they just opened.. probably they have improved now like Ikura but don’t think I will revisit Gohan anytime soon again~ I re-visited Ikura cause one of their sushi dish was extremely nice (in my opinion).. but in Gohan, I don’t see anything that will bring me back there..

    • Yeah … It was rumored that Burger King will be setting up a branch in town area. It’s located next to main branch of Standard Chartered Bank in Bandar.

      Reviews on Gohan Sushi Restaurant had been bad. Majority of my friends who went there swore that they will never return again. When I was there for the first time, the lady boss told me that they have yet hired enough chef.

      The only good thing about Gohan Sushi Restaurant is probably the view and parking is actually a pain in the ass.

      I think Sakura Sushi Restaurant was opened yesterday. Saw those flower bouquet stands outside the restaurant. I am planning to try the place tomorrow. Let you know if it’s any good. xD

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