Tea Break @ Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, I went City Hair Studio with Kaylie with the intention of straightening my hair. Peggie introduced Keratin treatment rather than the usual rebonding. Keratin treatment is double the price of the usual rebonding. Instead of applying the usual straightening liquid paste which reeks of alcohol and chemical, they used Keratin lotion which smells like almond oil. But it gets a little disgusting after some time.

But the advantage of doing Keratin treatment is that you don’t have to wait for another 48 hours before you could wash you hair. I usually cut corner and waited for 36 hours only before washing them off. The previous last time when I did straightening at Hair Clipperz, I only had to wait 24 hours. But with Keratin treatment, you can wash it like 5 to 6 hours later. The downside of this Keratin treatment is the price – B$200 for my slightly below shoulder length hair.

There was another customer who was doing Keratin treatment as well when I arrived. She had a much longer hair than mine and she paid B$280. You must be wondering what’s so good about this overpriced Keratin treatment. You’ll get bouncy hair with volume with Keratin treatment rather than the flat hair when you do rebonding. In short, they looked much more natural. Indeed they are. LOL! They are smoother and easily manageable. It only took me a short while to blow dry my entire hair.

Enough promoting about my latest hair treatment, here comes a  blog entry on the tea break that I had with Jennifer and her little cousin – Eric yesterday afternoon at Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club. It was Jennifer who suggested the venue as she said she had never been there and asked if I am okay driving so far just for a cuppa and dessert. LOL! Well, I am perfectly fine with it as I am pretty impressed with the ambiance and I don’t mind window shopping at Verde. But unfortunately, they don’t have any display for branded designer bag.


Hazelnut Latte | B$5.00

There’s this new Cantonese drama series airing lately starring Bosco Wong and it’s about coffee art. The leaf design on my Hazelnut Coffee was perfectly done. There weren’t much cafes in Brunei which do coffee arts apart from Gloria Jean’s Coffees at FRESHCO. But I think they only do cute coffee arts like bears on weekends only. To be honest, this was actually my first time trying a Hazelnut Latte and it was not bad actually. The sweetness level was moderate and there’s no need for adding any extra sugar.


Mochacino | B$5.00

Eric was pretty bummed when he saw that the leaf design on his coffee wasn’t as perfect as mine. The froth sort of shrunk when served. But according to him, this Mochacino tasted pretty bitter as I saw him adding quite a few sachets of white sugar. Probably guys are usually not that tolerant to coffee bitterness compared to us ladies? LOL!


Brewed Coffee | B$5.00


White Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse | B$4.00

The choices of dessert cakes were pretty limited when we arrived. I chose this because I wasn’t so into chocolate dessert as much as Jennifer does. And I just baked a tray of Chocolate Brownies yesterday morning before meeting up with Kaylie. I promised making her a cake for her birthday last month. But the first Marble Cake which I attempted was an utter failure so I compensated her with Chocolate Brownies since she’s huge for chocolate desserts.

According to her, the texture was good but it was overly sweet. LOL! I expected that it was gonna be sweet due to the ingredients mixed. I shall cut down the ingredients by a quarter next time. This White Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse was too sour for my liking. The cake bottom was made of chocolate coating layer that you get from Magnum ice cream. The two layers of white fillings were actually white chocolate and the yellowish filling was undoubtedly passion fruit. I couldn’t finish it as it was too sour and I ended up only eating the white chocolate layers.


Caramel Praline Chocolate | B$4.00

Jennifer had this as Eric is not a huge fan of sweet desserts. The chocolate texture was extremely soft and mousse-y. Doesn’t make you go sick for having too much. According to Eric, the fillings tasted like palm sugar when it’s actually caramel. LOL! And worse, I couldn’t taste any caramel or palm sugar.

EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club
Tel: +673-2418888 Ext. 75008


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