Lunch @ Sushi Tei, Gadong Central

As I mentioned previously, both Kaylie and I wanted to give Ikura Sushi Restaurant a second try after I was being told that they had made quite an improvement with their menu and food quality. But unfortunately, Ikura Sushi Restaurant was already closed for midday break by the time we were both done at City Hair Studio. And with not much choices for Japanese cuisine left in the area, we decided to head over to Sushi Tei instead.

The place was pretty vacant with only 2 tables occupied, which is good as the both of us were already dead starving. There were quite a few other patrons coming in for late lunch when we were halfway through with our lunch.

It’s food pictures time!


Tamago Sushi Nigiri | B$2.20

Kaylie actually wanted Tamago Maki but she mentioned Tamago Sushi instead. Therefore, she was being served this in the end. But it’s okay. They still came with tamago and rice anyways. LOL!


Salmon Maki | B$2.70


Spicy Salmon Temaki | B$2.70

I was craving for something spicy that day hence I ordered this when I saw it on the menu. There wasn’t any image illustration for this Temaki so I assumed that it’s gonna be similar like the ones served at Kaizen Sushi and Excapade Sushi. But it turned out to be different as the two mentioned Japanese restaurants served their Spicy Temaki like this and this.

When I showed this picture to Jennifer at Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club the other day, she was like “Eww, why was the color like that?” LOL! When this was being served to me, I almost had the similar reaction but I was too hungry to bother. It was good but a little bit spicy for my taste bud to tolerate. But nevertheless, it was still good. Instead of using spicy mayonnaise, they sprinkled chili powder onto the salmon chunks.


Curry Soba | B$10.90

I intended to order their Curry Katsu Udon at first but I decided to give Soba a try since it looked pretty yummy. The gravy was not as salty as I remembered and it was quite flavorful for my liking. But I do not like the diced potatoes in the gravy as they looked pretty hard and undercooked for me. Left out the potatoes and ravished the entire dish. There, you can now understand how hungry I was at that point of time.


Chicken Katsu Udon | B$10.80

Kaylie was too hungry to look through the menu so she ordered her usual favorite. Surprisingly, she has yet gotten sick of this dish after ordering it for quite a numerous times. LOL!


And as usual, there’s addition 10% off the total bill when you presented your Sushi Tei Card before payment. And you will be entitled to additional 20% on your Birthday month. Too bad that I did not dine at Sushi Tei on my Birthday month. I totally missed out the privilege.

Sushi Tei
42 & 43, Bangunan Gadong Central,
Kampung Menglait, Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2449977


2 thoughts on “Lunch @ Sushi Tei, Gadong Central

    • I am not that familiar with their best dishes but I heard that their Sashimi Salad were good. You could give it a try if you like leafy salad with sashimi. And I heard that the highlight was the dressing actually.

      I frequent Sushi Tei lesser compared to Kaizen Sushi but I could still give you a few choices which you could consider ordering.

      Big Tako Yaki Balls, Mango Chicken Mayo (only if you like Mango), Ika Sugata Teriyaki (grilled squid), Salmon Maki (cheaper than Kaizen Sushi’s), Spicy Salmon Temaki (if you like spicy food), Chicken Katsu Udon (may be a bit bland but my friend said it was nice), Potato Croquette.

      And don’t forget to try their desserts! I had only tried their Chocolate Wafer once. Try some other desserts for me and do tell me what you think.

      Anyways, which Sushi Tei are you going to? Gadong Central or FRESHCO?

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