Dinner @ Excapade Sushi, Regent Square

The final big event of the Company’s had ended yesterday afternoon and I am so glad. Woke up super early yesterday morning to order takeaways at Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering. Had my favorite Kueh Chap (no picture, if you are wondering) as early as 7:30a.m. in the morning and went on without lunch until 4:30p.m. in the afternoon. I ended my shift at about 6:15p.m. and I intended to return home for shower before heading out to meet Kaylie for dinner at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square.

But I got a bit lazy of driving home to shower. So, I had a coffee break with Joo Sie at Ximply Chriz Cafe before I was due to meet up with Kaylie at 8:00p.m. in the evening. The both of us ordered a cup of Cappuccino each and chit chatted with each other until my time is up to meet Kaylie.


Cappuccino | B$4.00

According to Joo Sie, their Cappuccino tasted pretty bland and she ended up adding in a few teaspoonfuls of brown sugar to neutralize the bland taste. Well, I find the coffee taste acceptable. It wasn’t extremely bitter, bitterness was of the right level. Or perhaps I was too exhausted and tired to taste anything?

Headed over to Excapade Sushi, Regent Square around 8:15p.m. and Kaylie was waiting at the entrance for me. She couldn’t be sure what name that I used for my reservation. She texted me on Whatsapp asking for my reservation number but my phone was on WiFi connection when I was at Ximply Chriz Cafe and their connection wasn’t really stable yesterday.

Anyways, I was neither hungry nor full yesterday when at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square. So, I did not order any Don or Bento Set. Had a few ala carte sushi dishes. All the sushi which I ordered yesterday came with sashimi (raw salmon).


Salmon Maki | B$2.70


Sake | B$3.20

It’s been almost more than a year since I had sashimi on top of sushi rice. The sashimi slice on top of the rice was thick! I don’t remembered it was this thick previously. xD


Tuna Spicy Temaki | B$3.80

If you are a non-tolerant to spicy food, stay away from this. I can take spicy food pretty well but this was beyond what my tongue could take. I had ordered the same thing few months ago from the same Excapade Sushi but surprisingly, it doesn’t look anything or taste like the one I had yesterday. Click here for the image difference. I think it was completely two different things. I am not sure if the kitchen got my order wrong or what.


Tamago Sushi | B$2.20


Tori Katsu Don | B$8.50

As usual, the food which Kaylie always order at any Japanese restaurant. According to her, that’s the safest option. Honestly speaking, the first dish which I ordered when I dined at a Japanese restaurant for the very first time years ago was Tori Katsu Don. That was when I don’t consume sashimi yet. And now that I do eat sashimi, Tori Katsu Don had never been in my list of food to order when dining at a Japanese restaurant. The closest which I had ordered was probably Tori Katsu Curry Rice.

Excapade Sushi Regent Square
Unit 1 & 2, Ground Floor,
Regent Square, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2234011


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