Dinner @ Gohan Sushi Restaurant, Brunei

Hello! How you guys been doing? It’s been a few days since I last updated. Not that I had been busy but there was nothing which I could blog about. No food review or skincare product review. Nada until yesterday. LOL! I found out that The Xinful Cafe had moved out of their original business premise until further notice of where they had moved to. So, that’s a dessert place short in town until we know where they moved to.

So, let’s not get swayed and let’s get started with my second blog entry on Gohan Sushi Restaurant. I went to the said restaurant about half a year ago with Sister and Jennifer when they were just opened for a few days. My review back then was pretty positive apart from their sashimi. And I returned this time hoping that they had improved a lot. Click here if you are interested to know what I think of Gohan Sushi Restaurant for the first time.

When we last dined at Gohan Sushi Restaurant, we were given the privilege to sign up for the Privilege Card for free. I had been given multiple calls from Gohan Sushi Restaurant telling me that my Privilege Card is ready. So, I decided to have dinner at Gohan Sushi Restaurant yesterday evening with the intention of collecting my Privilege Card and then drive over to The Mall for some window shopping. I ditched the intention of going to The Mall and headed over to Supa Save in the end as Kaylie told me that Gadong area had been pretty congested lately.

Let’s start, shall we?


Tamago Sushi | B$1.80

I think you could fairly guessed whose this belonged to? Hahaha … Yes, they were Kaylie’s. Tamago used to be one of my favorite food but I got bored out of it over time. According to Kaylie, the sushi rice was okay but the Tamago were cold. They were probably not the freshest ones. It could had been done few hours ago in advance as making these Tamago takes quite some time.


Agedashi Tofu | B$2.80

According to Kaylie, this was done pretty badly the first time when she came with her sister and cousin. Thankfully, this had improved drastically. The Silken Tofu was extremely soft and smooth and the gravy was pretty flavorful. Neither too salty nor too sweet. Just perfect.


Tori Katsu Don | B$7.30

This need not any explanation for you to guess whose it belonged to as well. LOL! Similarly, the first time when Kaylie had their Tori Katsu Don, it was badly done as well. But much to her surprise, this had improved a lot as well but the one thing which she did not like was that she tasted ginger in the dish. Well, I am speculating that the ginger were used to remove the raw smell or taste of the chicken fillets.

Now let’s move on to what I had for dinner yesterday evening …


Cheezy Omelette | B$4.60

For those of you who are huge fans of both egg and cheese, this will be the perfect dish for you. I was pretty curious of how it’s gonna taste like, so I ordered one to share with Kaylie. But with Kaylie being non-tolerant to cheese, I had to finish it all by myself. The omelette was filled with carrots, mushrooms and big onions. Cheese sticks cubes were scattered all over the omelette, inside and outside. And it’s drizzled with slightly sweet Teriyaki Sauce with mayonnaise on top of the omelette.


Avocado Sake | B$3.70

This was actually referred to as Avocado Spicy Salmon Temaki. Ordered it because I saw the word spicy on the menu. LOL! To be honest, I don’t think their Avocado Sake tasted the least spicy to me. But their avocado was soft and sweet. Even for someone like me whose not that keen about avocado found it to be nice. Their seaweed roll was crispy and fresh! Thumbs up for their Avocado Sake but perhaps you could make it much more spicier next time?


Cream Koroke | B$5.50

Kaylie is a huge fan of Koroke, so I ordered one for the both of us to share. The texture of their Koroke is slightly different from the versions of Ikura Sushi Restaurant, Kaizen Sushi and Sushi Tei. Their potatoes were completely mashed up and they mixed the mashed potatoes with either mayonnaise or sweetened condensed cream. My guess is the mayonnaise. These came with a complimentary dipping sauce which tasted slightly spicy and salty at the same time to me. Their Cream Koroke are actually pretty good but I think they should cut down the mayonnaise or whatever that’s making the fillings inside sweet.


Salmon Maki | B$2.80 & Tuna Maki | B$2.80

I ordered these because it felt weird for not having sashimi at a Japanese restaurant. I avoided their sliced sashimi platter as they were not that good based on my past experience. But this was not any better either. The texture of their sashimi tasted like mashed food and they were not that fresh either. According to the Cashier when I was making my payment, they were using the side part of a salmon for the Salmon Maki. But still, I don’t like what I had.

Verdict: The food had improved quite a lot but the sashimi were still pretty bad in my opinion. The Cashier did asked what we thought of their food when making payment. And as usual, I commented about their sashimi like the above mentioned. Their cooked food were good but not their sashimi. I don’t mind returning to Gohan Sushi Restaurant again, not for their sashimi but cooked food.

Instead of having to write down on a piece of order form ourselves of what we wanted to order, the waiter/waitress took down our order with a PDA this time round. Guess that they had improved in terms of their customer service.


This is the Privilege Card which I collected from Gohan Sushi Restaurant yesterday’s evening after dinner. The printing on the card wasn’t nicely done and they misspelled privilege. Anyways, this Privilege Card entitles you for an additional 10% discount but excluding promotion items, party sets and catering.

Gohan Sushi Restaurant
Unit 2, First Floor, Howsten Building,
Simpang: 181-22, Kampung Kiarong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2428100
Email: gohansushibn@gmail.com


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