Lunch @ Ikura Sushi Restaurant

Just realized that I had been blogging about Japanese cuisine lately. Hahaha .. Wonder what had gotten into me. I had been into sashimi lately. Sister is coming home in another ten days time so I am expecting another round of Japanese cuisine soon. LOL!

Anyways, I baked Japanese Cotton Cheesecake this afternoon after I came home from my hair treatment session at City Hair Studio and pedicure session at Nails&Wax. It looked good but it’s still cooling in the oven for an hour. Don’t wanna risk the cake from collapsing so I am following as instructed in the recipe.

I had lunch alone today as Kaylie had commitment with her other friend and I had made an appointment with Nails&Wax in the afternoon. So, we decided not to meet up today. Okay … Let’s start with the food pictures which I took at Ikura Sushi Restaurant today.


Hot Japanese Green Tea is a must when dining at a Japanese restaurant. I couldn’t understand why some people chose to order ice-blended drinks or maybe hot coffee when having sashimi. It’s like a complete clash with the cuisine. But I am not here to judge since everyone had their own preferences.


Spicy Maguro Temaki | B$3.50

I had Spicy Maguro Temaki this time round as I had their Spicy Sake Temaki previously. I liked the Temaki served at Ikura Sushi Restaurant as they are always very generous with the fillings. But the downside is that the fillings kept falling off the Temaki every time when you try to stuff them into your mouth. LOL! The level of spiciness was good. It was neither too spicy nor too bland.


Sake Maki | B$2.50

The Sake Maki served at Ikura Sushi Restaurant is about 20 to 30 cents cheaper compared to Kaizen Sushi and Excapade Sushi. The quality of their sashimi wasn’t the fresh one that I had tasted so far. But I can definitely say that it’s better than the Sake Maki which I had at Gohan Sushi Restaurant few nights ago. At least, they don’t taste like mashed sashimi.


Unagi Sweet Potato Tempura | B$6.50

I liked the Tempura dishes served at Ikura Sushi Restaurant. They were extremely crunchy and crispy. This was the first time which I tried something with the combination of both sweet potatoes and unagi. The sweet potatoes weren’t very soft but it wasn’t that raw either.

The unagi was cooked okay but unfortunately, the whole thing just crumbled and tore apart when you took the first bite. The portion of unagi may not be enough for you if you happened to be a huge fan of unagi like myself. LOL!

Ikura Sushi Restaurant
Unit 36 & 37, First Floor,
Gadong Central, Jalan Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2422020


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