Review: Timeless Truth Infinite Clarity Mask

Hello! Another short hiatus again. LOL!

There’s nothing much for me to blog about lately as I had not been trying much new skincare products and I had not been eating out regularly either. KinG came down Bandar yesterday evening and we had dinner at Sarang Korean Restaurant. I did not bother to take any picture as we had the same food every time we visit the place.

I baked Japanese Dark Pearl Chiffon Cake just now and it’s now cooling on my dining table for the next one and a half hour. You need to invert the cake immediately when you took it out from the oven or else the cake might collapse. After my successful attempt with Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, I am much more determined to try something challenging. Majority said chiffon cakes are the hardest to succeed but they will be much easier once you get the hang of it. 

Anyways, don’t wanna bore you with my baking adventures and here’s my review on Timeless Truth Infinite Clarity Mask. 


If you are wondering where I got this Timeless Truth mask from when it’s still not available in Brunei, I got this from HiShop last month. Ordered it online and had it dispatched over to Ing’s workplace in Miri. 

This facial sheet mask aims to give your skin four effects – whitening, moisturizing, clarity and radiance. The texture of the sheet mask is exactly the same like the one from Timeless Truth Absolute Clarity Mask. It fits onto the face perfectly with the right cut off at the right angle. The facial sheet mask was able to hold essence very well as they did not drip throughout the entire application process. There wasn’t any special scent but typical scent of a facial sheet mask. It was neither flowery nor “alcoholic”. LOL! 

The facial sheet mask took approximately 30 minutes to dry up and there were still a little bit essence left on my face when removing it. Gently massaged them back into the skin for full absorption. And as usual, I rinsed off the excess so that I don’t go to bed with a sticky face. The whitening effect of Timeless Truth Infinite Clarity Mask was not as good as Timeless Truth Absolute Clarity Mask. But it did moisturize my skin well enough and it gave a dewy effect which lasted for almost a day. 

Anyways, here’s what I think of Timeless Truth Infinite Clarity Mask in a nutshell: 

1. Fits onto the face perfectly.
2. Hold essence well, doesn’t drip.
3. Dewy effect lasted for almost a day.
4. Absorbs well onto my skin.
5. Moisturized my skin well enough.

1. Whitening effect was not as good as Timeless Truth Absolute Clarity Mask.
2. Not available locally.
3. Not cheap.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: RM8

Repurchase? Maybe


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