2014 Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

Family and I had our Chinese New Year Eve dinner couple of hours ago. We intended to dine outside in the first place but majority of the restaurants were either closing early or fully booked and they do not serve ala carte dish but set meals. Some even came up with about B$400+ for a set meal of 10 people.

To be honest, it may sound reasonable to some since it’s about B$40 per person but the headcount in my family is small. So, there’s no point of having such a grand meal. So, Mom decided to cook dinner at home like what we had been for all the Chinese New Year Eve dinners. I am sure that your Facebook news feed page are pretty much spammed with the food pictures by now. LOL! It happened to mine already.

Let’s get started, shall we? xD


A sneak peek to what we had for dinner couple of hours ago.


Roasted Duck

We had Roasted Duck too last year during Chinese New Year Eve dinner. This was a hand gift from a friend of Mom who came visiting the other day. All the way from Miri. Honestly speaking, I preferred the Roasted Duck sold in Miri rather than the ones in Brunei.


Steamed Chicken


Ngoh Hiang

Specially handmade and brought in all the way from Kuching. A cousin of mine made these for Mom to bring back home when she’s back to Kuching few months ago. I can imagine what’s going in your head right now. LOL! As long as they are wrapped properly and stay frozen, these could last you for a couple of months without going stale.


Fish Maw Soup With Long Cabbage

The sight of chicken feet in the soup was really disturbing. It looked as if there’s a finger sticking out from the soup. I even joked Mom saying that one shouldn’t cook chicken feet during CNY. According to Mom, she had forgotten to thaw the pork knuckles and it was too late already by the time she realized that. Hence, we had chicken feet in our soup instead of the usual pork knuckles.


Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables With Cashew Nuts


Steamed Fish

I made desserts this time after dinner courtesy to the request of Sister. She wanted to try Chocolate Lava Cake. But it wasn’t that successful this time round as they were overcooked. But the sweetness level was perfect as I lowered the amount of sugar and used dark chocolate bar with 62% of cocoa content.


Chocolate Lava Cake


5 thoughts on “2014 Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

  1. It all looks so impressive. I’m with you on the chicken feet – ugh. I know it shouldn’t seem any worse than any other meat product, but it’s a bit too grisly for me.
    I love the looks of those golden cashews, and the duck is to die for! Scrummy 🙂

    • Chicken feet is actually a good dish if you know how to cook them properly. Well, I guess it’s only common for Chinese.

      Yeah .. The Roasted Duck is actually pretty good this time. xD

  2. LOL @ the chicken foot rising above the soup xD I actually like the lava cake. Wish you could have taken it’s pic when the chocolate oozes out of the cake :9 Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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