Early Dinner @ Kimchi Restaurant, Regent Square

恭喜发财 everyone!

Slept quite early yesterday evening compared to usual. We youngsters are supposed to sleep only after midnight for longevity of our parents. But we were all very exhausted yesterday and knocked out before midnight. LOL!

Woke up around 7.30a.m. in the morning and parents went to a temple in Kapok for praying routine whilst Sister and I stayed home. I slept even more until it’s time for lunch. Guess that I had been exhausted with work stuffs all these while. I am taking a 10 days long holiday this time round. The longest one that I had ever since I started working. I don’t even remember that I took this long last year when I traveled to Melbourne.

The family and I went Agro Technology Park this afternoon after our praying routines at the temple in town. Shall cover on Agro Technology Park someday, probably when I am back from Kuala Lumpur (KL) in the mid of next week.

I was starving after our tour at Agro Technology Park this afternoon as we had our lunch extremely early this morning, like 11:30a.m. in the morning? Sister was craving for Korean cuisine. I intended to go Sarang Korean Restaurant but I am not sure if they are closed today for Chinese New Year festival. If not, they are definitely closed the time when we wanted to go. So, we ended up at Kimchi Restaurant at Regent Square instead.

Let’s start, shall we?


Complimentary banchan that came along with our main courses. Loved the preserved kimchi! We requested for a refill but one of the staff told us that refill would be chargeable. Honestly? There were four of us and you are expecting the four of us to share with these small portions? The first time when Sister and I were at Kimchi Restaurant, I remembered that banchan refills were complimentary.


Gimbap | B$3.50

We had two portions of this. One was for both Sister and I to share and the other plate was for our parents to share. They are pretty good actually as they came with both sweet and salty taste. LOL! Speaking of Gimbap, I am starting to miss the Tuna Gim Bap from Koryo Restaurant. Maybe I should bring Sister with me tomorrow so that I could get my craving fixed. But I promised to bring her to Sarang Korean Restaurant as well.


Kimchi Jeon | B$7.95

One of my favorite dish in Korean cuisine but unfortunately, this did not live up to my expectation as the batter tasted stronger than the kimchi itself. Verdict? Flour was more than the amount of kimchi given in the pancake. I still preferred the Kimchi Jeon from Koryo Restaurant. They were super generous with both kimchi and spinach and the price was super affordable too!


Deokboki | B$7.99

Used to be one of my favorite dish in Korean cuisine as well but majority of them were too spicy for my taste bud to tolerate. I once ended up looking for the washroom while I was having a bowl of it back in Nanjing couple of years ago. Since then, I had been cautious when it comes to having Deokboki. And since this was the first time whereby I brought parents to try Korean cuisine, might as well order Deokboki for them to try since it’s one of the most common food for Koreans.


Salmon Teriyaki | B$12.95

Both Sister and I missed the Jangeo Gui which Kimchi Restaurant served. Unfortunately, they no longer have this dish on their menu. No idea why. So, Sister ordered Salmon Teriyaki in the end. It had the same broth as Jangeo Gui. The salmon was probably frozen one but taste wise, it was still fresh enough. You could give this a try if you are fond of cooked salmon. To be honest, I preferred raw salmon more than cooked ones. LOL!


Ya Chae Tweegim | B$4.95

Vegetable tempura! And it came with lady fingers, aubergine, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. It was good but I only had the pumpkin and aubergine version. It’s actually a pretty good healthy option if you don’t consider about the amount of oil needed to deep fry the vegetables. LOL!


Kimchi Bokumbap | B$7.95

This was nicely done but wee bit salty, spicy and oily. Nevertheless, still good. *thumbs up*


Dolsot Bibimbap | B$9.95

Sister’s must have dish when dining at a Korean restaurant. The picture turned out blurry as it was smoky at the point when this picture was taken and my camera was only able to focus on the spoon only. Hence, the blurry picture on the rice.

Kimchi Restaurant
Unit 19, Block B,
Regent Square,
Kampung Kiarong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1318,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2222233


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