Baking #10: Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake (21cm)

Baked my fourth chiffon cake few days ago. I baked Mocha Light Cheesecake in the morning of the same day and I had more than half a block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese left in the fridge.

So, I baked Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake since parents were out running some errands and it’s much more convenient for me to do my stuffs when I am alone. The texture of the Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake which I baked was the finest compared to the rest of the chiffon cakes which I had baked.

I adapted the recipe of Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake from Bakericious. Click here for the link to her recipe.


Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake


  • 40g cream cheese
  • 60g full cream milk
  • 25g butter
  • 65g cake flour
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 4 egg whites
  • 90g caster sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/8 tsp cream of tartar


  1. Melt the cream cheese, full cream milk and butter over a double boiler. When completely melted, remove from heat and let it cool down for a while.
  2. Add in the egg yolks into the cream cheese batter, two at a time (at least that’s how I did).
  3. Sift in cake flour into the cream cheese batter and mix them until well incorporated.
  4. Beat egg whites until foamy and frothy with cream of tartar. Add in both sugar and salt and continue beating until they form soft peaks.
  5. Fold 1/2 portion of the egg whites batter (meringue) into the cream cheese batter.
  6. Pour in the lightened cream cheese batter into the remaining meringue and fold them until you no longer see egg whites streak.
  7. Pour batter into a 9″ loose bottom chiffon pan and baked in preheated oven under 170 degree Celsius for 35 to 40 minutes.
  8. Invert the cake to cool when the cake is cooked.
  9. You can only unmould the cake when it’s completely cooled.


I know my cake is slumping to one side. I  think I had been over whisking the egg whites hence they did not rise too well in the process of baking. The texture of the chiffon cake is soft, spongy and fine.

But I personally find the sweetness level was a little bit too high. I think I am gonna reduce the quantity of sugar the next time I bake this cake again. It does have a mild taste of cream cheese. Not overpowering, hence suitable for those of you who doesn’t like rich cheesy taste.

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Dinner @ Pasta Mania, Gadong

Had dinner with Joo Sie at Pasta Mania few evenings ago as I needed to return her book – The Secret which I borrowed from her quite some time ago. As a matter of fact, I bought her a new one as the one which she lent me was drenched with water. No idea where the water came from in my car but it was half wet when I took it out from the car.

Anyways, I arrived a little bit late as it was pretty congested in Gadong. The basement parking lot of The Mall was blocked for either maintenance or renovation reason. It’s a wonder to me that they chose such peak period of the month to do the maintenance. *sigh*

The little girl (as she’s younger than me by a couple of years) ordered her own beverage and an appetizer of french fries to share before me. Guess that she was already starving while waiting for me. LOL!


Pesto Linguine | B$9.90

Had this as I was already craving for it when I suggested having dinner at Pasta Mania few days before. LOL! Pesto never used to be my favorite pasta sauce but ever since I tried the Fettuccine Pesto from Fleur-de-lys Bakeshop, I fell in love with it. It has a creamy texture and the pasta was cooked al dente. The flavoring was perfect as it was neither too salty nor too bland. Even Joo Sie agreed that this was good and she planned on having it as well the next time she revisits Pasta Mania.


Baked Cheese Macaroni | B$8.90

Joo Sie’s choice of dinner for the night. I am not a huge fan of macaroni as compared to the other types of pastas. It looked pretty dry to me. But oh well, baked pastas are supposed to be drier than usual, aren’t they? According to Joo Sie, it tasted sweet and sour at the same time. She also added that she wouldn’t be ordering it again next time.

Pasta Mania
9, Ground Floor,
Block H, Abdul Razak Complex,
Jalan Gadong, BE3519,
Negara Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2457441

Review: Krispy Cone Pizza, Brunei

Joo Sie and I met up at Pasta Mania, Gadong for dinner yesterday evening after I finished work. We decided to meet up at Gadong area solely because I wanted to try Krispy Cone Pizza. Been wanting to try it since I found out about it’s existence in Brunei.

But according to Kaylie, it wasn’t that nice compared to the pizzas at Pizza Hut. Albeit the negative comments which Kaylie commented about Krispy Cone Pizza, it still didn’t drain my enthusiasm in trying out the new place. LOL!


The shop was pretty colorful in some ways but minimally decorated as well. Initially, I was under the impression that Krispy Cone Pizza is a franchise business from overseas. But I think this is a local business operated by some entrepreneurs. Couldn’t find any official website of Krispy Cone Pizza when I Google-d but Crispy Cone only.


This is the menu of Krispy Cone Pizza. Didn’t manage to snap a clear picture of the menu as my camera is extremely good in spot macro to the extent that it blurred the images that it did not focus on. LOL!

But I could be sure that Krispy Cone Pizza is selling all their flavors of cone pizzas at the rate of B$2.90 each only. Pretty affordable, I would say considering that some of the ingredients don’t come cheap either. And you can always make it into a combo deal by adding B$1 for a cup of your choice of drink.


Anyways, these are the varieties of cone pizzas which Krispy Cone Pizza has at the moment. Not sure if there’s gonna be any extra expansion on the flavors.


And they serve ice-cream as well.

Anyways, here’s the pictures of what we had yesterday evening when at Krispy Cone Pizza.


Tropical Hawaiian | B$2.90

This tasted something like the Hawaiian Supreme from Pizza Hut as it’s topped with pineapple chunks. To be honest, the cone tasted pretty much like a frozen commercial Roti Pratha to me. It’s slightly harder and crunchy in texture compared to the soft and bread like texture of the pizzas at Pizza Hut.

Flavor wise, it’s pretty close as the Hawaiian Supreme at Pizza Hut. Ingredients were generous as they were filled to the brim and they did not stop halfway in the cone but towards the very bottom. But the cone turned a little bit soggy towards the end.


Tuna Lovers | B$2.90

Joo Sie’s choice of Krispy Cone Pizza. Couldn’t be sure of what Joo Sie thought of her Tuna Lovers Cone Pizza but I don’t think she loves it very much. LOL!

It was funny that my little friend here forgotten my name and she’s not keen about using her own name when ordering food that requires her name to be shouted out when her order is ready. So, she used the name of her best friend. It’s kinda scary though to think that your friend might be “impersonating” your name when making food order. But it’s actually a good idea if you don’t want any stranger to know your exact name. I think I am gonna pick up this habit next time. LOL!

Review: Sameer Restaurant & Catering

It’s been a while since I last had a proper Indian cuisine. My last Indian cuisine before this was probably at Bombay Palace Restaurant which I had with Jennifer and it was almost like 3.5 months ago?

On the day when we just got home from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Sister and I headed out since she needed to have some passport sized pictures developed. I was craving for sushi on that particular evening so I suggested to Sister that we go for our second round of dinner at Excapade Shokudo. My previous experience at Excapade Shokudo hadn’t been a pleasant one but I wasn’t that willing to drive further away just for sushi.

But unfortunately, Excapade Shokudo was all packed with patrons when we arrived and the only tables left were the counter ones. My colleague was also there when I arrived with Sister and he offered to share the table with both Sister and I. I don’t find it convenient as he was with his other half at that point of time. So, both Sister and I left Excapade Shokudo and ended up at Sameer Restaurant & Catering which was just few shops away.


Part of the restaurant …


These were complimentary. I requested for Fish Curry gravy. But unfortunately, they don’t have it so I resorted to what they have at that point of time. The bowl on the left was Dhal while the one on the right was Chicken Curry gravy. Pretty spicy actually and I liked it but not the Dhal. LOL!


Sweet Lassi | B$2.30

I did not order any beverage the other day so I shared this with Sister. It was not bad but not to the extent that I will go back for more. I think I preferred the Lassi from Bombay Palace Restaurant more.


Vegetarian Samosa | B$3.00

I ordered this to share with Sister. Honestly speaking, I did not like them at all. The pastry was a little bit too floury for my liking. And the fillings were average. But majority tables had this Vegetarian Samosa on it. So, I wondered if it’s my taste bud or were they really that good?


Roti Kosong | B$0.80

Still not good enough for my expectations. Still preferred the Roti Kosong from C.A Mohammad Restaurant.


Roti Telur | B$1.20

Sameer Restaurant & Catering
Unit 4, Ground Floor,
Block A, Bangunan Desa Delima,
Serusop, Jalan Muara,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2337786

Review: High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe

I guess a lot of you had heard of the newly opened cafe in town since two weekends ago. I came to know about this new cafe when I was browsing through a few random Instagram profiles. Well, they are probably friends of my friends’ Instagram profiles. LOL! The cafe was launched on the day when Sister and I met with our respective friends at Paddington House Of Pancakes.

So, I arranged to try the place with Jennifer yesterday afternoon for brunch. We met at High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe at 12:00 noon. It took me quite some time to find the location of the cafe. I know it’s located in Batu Bersurat area and opposite to Fun Bee Park. But I just didn’t know where is Fun Bee Park.

I turned in at the junction leading to De’ Olde Cottage Restaurant & Cafe but couldn’t find it and decided to turn to the back. Both Fun Bee Park and High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe are located at the newer blocks behind De’Olde Cottage Restaurant & Cafe.

The place was only quarterly packed when I arrived, meaning I get to choose decent and comfortable seats. The unique feature about the cafe is that there is no certain fixed chairs’ designs at very tables. I chose a table that came with 4 cushion sofa type of chairs/couch. LOL!


So, this is how High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe looked from car park. The frames of both windows and doors of the cafe were painted in blue color. Quite unique as compared to the other cafes that we have here in town. The restaurant was registered under Renjis Restaurant & Cafe. That explained the reason why it took both Jennifer and I quite some time to locate the said cafe.


The interior look of the cafe when coming in from the entrance. Like I said, they have quite a unique design for their chairs. All tables don’t come with the same chairs’ designs. There is a long table at the centre of the cafe to accommodate a larger group and the remaining ones were smaller tables which could accommodate up to a maximum of four people. And they have a few high stool tables and chairs.


Fancy a read while waiting for your friends to arrive? High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe provides quite a number of books selections at the centre of the cafe, just right behind the long table for larger groups.


All tables came with a glass bottle of plain water and brown sugar. Cups and eating utensils will only be served when seated down.

So, here comes the food pictures which I knew you are eagerly waiting for (that’s if you are interested with the cafe). LOL!


Both Jennifer and I thought that the menu selections were not extensive. To be honest, there’s not much to choose from. I am actually very intrigued about their Blue Cheese Prawn Slider but the price was kinda steep. But oh well, I expected the price to be steep actually since the ingredients don’t come cheap. But I think I am gonna try their Blue Cheese Prawn Slider the next time I visit  the place again.


Iced Long Black | B$5.50

Jennifer’s choice of drink. According to her, the coffee tasted extremely bitter even when iced. I am not sure if she added in any extra brown sugar.


Latte | B$5.00

I had Latte myself and honestly speaking, it was as bitter as Jennifer’s Iced Long Black. Albeit being bitter, I still find the bitterness tolerable hence not adding any extra brown sugar into my coffee. I liked their coffee art as it doesn’t go out of shape even when I had finished up the entire cup of coffee.


Mocha | B$5.50

Eric’s. This little guy likes fancy coffee art too and he’s gutted every time when he sees his cup of coffee doesn’t come with nice looking designs as compared to mine. It happened too when we were having high tea at Zest, EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club last month.


Cheesy French Fries | B$4.50


Eggs Royale | B$15.60

I ordered this for lunch yesterday. It came with two poached eggs on brioche breads. The breads were toasted before placing the poached eggs on top of them. The poached eggs were then topped by smoked salmon and their Hollandaise Sauce.

Their Hollandaise Sauce tasted a little bit different compared to the other Hollandaise Sauce which I had tasted before. It tasted a little bit sour, as if the sauce came with a little touch of lemon juice. It’s appetizing though. The poached eggs were of perfection. Runny egg yolks oozing out when you poked on them. And the salad, fresh and it came with sun dried tomatoes.


Creme Of Wild Mushroom | B$9.50

Jennifer’s. The soup also came with a few slices of brioche breads. According to Jennifer, the soup tasted good but portion was a little bit too little. But oh well, it’s an appetizer anyways. Not the kind of food which is supposed to make you full after having it. Ingredients wise, fresh and the soup was homemade.

Verdict: The three of us liked the ambiance of the cafe. It’s cozy and it’s a great place for brunch and do catching up with friends. Foods were great as for what we had tried yesterday but not sure about the others on the menu.

Customer service was good in my opinion. But there is just one little thing which I am not impressed about. A while after my Eggs Royale was served, I stopped eating for a few minutes to talk to Jennifer. I still had an unfinished poached egg and a slice of smoked salmon back then. A waitress approached me asking if she could take away my plate. Her hand was already holding the side of my plate when asking. I had to put both my hands at the side of the plate to tell her that I am not finished with my meal. Honestly speaking, this is the first time that I encountered such situation whereby the staff was so eager in clearing away your dishes. LOL!

All in all, I think this is a great place but perhaps a bigger varieties on the menu?

High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe
Unit 5, Block B,
Sempurna Complex,
Kampung Pengkalang Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2428262