Review: Waroeng Penyet, FRESHCO

Sister and I went out together this morning for manicure and pedicure session at Essensuals Beauty Hair & Nail Spa. My usual spot for manicure and pedicure is at Nails&Wax but Rachel is currently on leave for the festive season. So, I had no choice but to use whoever is available at that point of time.

After much shopping at The Mall, the both of us decided to go FRESHCO for late lunch. I intended to try the newly opened branch of Sushi Tei at FRESHCO, but Sister insisted that we could have Sushi King or Sushi Tei when in Kuala Lumpur (KL). So, we settled with Waroeng Penyet in the end as I had been meaning to bring her to try Waroeng Penyet when she was previously back home to visit our grandmother few months ago.

So, Waroeng Penyet it was. The restaurant wasn’t crowded as it was way past lunch hour. There were only about two tables of patrons including ours.


Teh Tarik Hot | B$2.50

This is actually pretty good but maybe not the ideal choice of drink especially when you are having spicy food as it’s gonna make the spiciness even worse. LOL! I requested two glasses of warm water at the same time while ordering for our food but they never came.


Ayam Penyet With Rice | B$5.90

I actually wanted the part from chicken thigh instead of the chicken breast. But I hadn’t been that attentive when the waiter was repeating our orders. So, our orders came out to be with chicken breasts instead of the chicken thighs which I wanted. Kinda felt a little bit disappointed but I did not bother to make any exchange since I was the one who hadn’t been attentive in the first place when the waiter was repeating the order.

Couldn’t finish the entire portion as the sambal chili paste was too hot and spicy for my taste bud to tolerate. I remembered that it wasn’t this spicy during the first time when I dined at Waroeng Penyet, Times Square with Kaylie. I thought it was already very spicy at that point of time but I think this was even more spicy. The deep fried bean curd wasn’t very fresh so I stopped eating it altogether after a few bites.


Ayam Panggang With Rice | B$5.90

Sister is not that tolerable to spicy food as compared to me so she went for the safer option which is the Ayam Panggang. It came with a complimentary dipping sweet soy sauce. In order to make the Ayam Panggang more appetizing, they even provided half a piece of lime for you to squeeze the lime juice all over the chicken so that the chicken will taste slightly sour hence making it appetizing. But according to Sister, she preferred my Ayam Penyet as it’s deep fried instead of grilled.

Waroeng Penyet FRESHCO
G01 & G02, Ground Floor,
Plaza Abdul Razak,
Jalan Laksamana Abdul Razak,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2201169


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