Review: Auntie Anne’s, FRESHCO

By the time you are reading this, I am probably few thousand miles above the ground or probably had landed either Kuala Lumpur (KL) or Penang. Yeah, that’s right! I’ll be on a five days holiday trip to West Malaysia in less than 12 hours.

Anyways, not gonna bombard you with so many wordings and get straight ahead with the main topic of today. After much waiting since the opening of Auntie Anne’s, FRESHCO last October, I finally get to try the famous pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.

As much as I had heard, the queue was horrendous when it was first opened. I heard that their stocks ran out in within three days when they expected it’s gonna last them for about two weeks.

Jia had even queued for their pretzels about one and a half hours even though it was already one month after the official launching day. That was crazy for me so I did not bother to queue for their pretzels when the hype was still ongoing. The hype is still ongoing right now but it wasn’t as serious as before. I did waited for about 30 minutes for two pieces of pretzels though.


There were only about 6 to 7 patrons before me but I think I queued for almost 15 minutes before it was my turn make the orders. And then another 15 minutes waiting for the pretzels to be ready. The Cashier informed me that the waiting time shall be 7 minutes but no one bothered to tell me that my order was ready and I ended up waiting dumbly for another 8 minutes until I asked another Cashier if my order was ready.


In order to save the hassle and time explaining and informing patrons that they ran out out of cinnamon and almonds, they put a notice at the back of their POS system. I actually wanted to try Cinnamon Sugar but too bad they ran out of it. I’ll try my luck tomorrow when at 1Utama before catching our flight to Penang from Subang Airport.


Cheese Pepperoni

These looked delicious but I don’t consume beef. So, it’s definitely out out of the question. But I had seen quite a lot of patrons ordering it. So, I guess the sight of generous amount of pepperoni over the pretzels must have caught their attention. LOL! Not sure how much was a Cheese Pepperoni priced, but I think it was roughly about B$3.20.


Original Pretzel | B$2.00 & Chocolate Chips Pretzel | B$2.30

I ordered Chocolate Chips Pretzel for myself and Original Pretzel for Sister. I think trying out their Original Pretzel is mandatory. To be honest, they were pretty good in my opinion. But for Sister who had tried the original version of pretzels from Germany thought that these weren’t authentic enough. But they were good if considered as bread. The Original Pretzel was buttery, salty and soft at the same time. The Chocolate Chips Pretzels came with generous portion of chocolate chips!

Honestly speaking, I think these pretzels were well worth the wait of 30 minutes albeit it wasn’t as authentic as the ones served in Germany but still good enough. I don’t mind trying Auntie Anne’s again but only when I felt like it to queue 30 minutes for a couple of pretzels. LOL!

Auntie Anne’s
G25, Ground Floor,
Plaza Abdul Razak,
Jalan Laksamana Abdul Razak,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.


10 thoughts on “Review: Auntie Anne’s, FRESHCO

  1. I’d it last time & it’s so-so. Well maybe it’s because it’s a bit cold since someone brought it takeaway to home. Can’t remember what kind of pretzel i’ve had on that day though xD Shall i try it again next time.

    Have fun in KL & Penang! Do scout some interesting drugstore skincares at Guardians & Watsons over there! XD Just to compare what’s something new there that we don’t have yet here LOL :p

    • The ones that I had were okay as I bought them straight out of the oven ones. I also had another few when at 1Utama the other day.

      Honestly speaking, they have so many choices here. Even Chocolate Eclairs and Chocolate Mint. But they do not have Chocolate Chips though. Texture and taste were the same though but only different in choice varieties.

      I was at Watsons in 1st Avenue, Penang yesterday evening. The branch was small hence there was nothing to see. Sasa as well but I managed to buy 2 packs of the SKINLITE Cucucmber and Orange Eye Pads.

      Will scout for more skincare products when at Watsons at Berjaya Timed Square later.

  2. Sasa usually carries a lot of brands! Did you happen to come across this whitening product ‘Silky Veil’ there in any pharmacies? I would love to buy it next time when i go to Malaysia but i don’t think it’s available yet. Don’t forget go to Sephora (i’ve always wanna go there) !

    • Silky Veil? Where does the brand originated from? I was in Sasa both the ones in 1st Avenue, Penang and Berjaya Times Square but I don’t recall seeing the brand that you mentioned.

      I passed by Sephora when on the way to Pavilion and when on the way back to hotel. Was too tired and decided to skip Sephora for today. Needed to check if the Sephora next to Pavilion is the only one in KL.

      Managed to get two cleansing oils from Nature Republic and The Face Shop. Shouldn’t have bought the one from a The Face Shop coz it’s way cheaper in Brunei especially when you have member card.

      Also bought myself a facial cleanser from Yves Rocher. Exclusive in KL only for SEA countries. Couldn’t find it in SG when I was there previously.

    • Will do. Thanks for the recommendation. I had Cinnamon Sugar this afternoon and it was too sweet!

      Shall try it while I am still here in KL. Not so keen with joining the queue at FRESHCO. But do they have Sour Cream Onion at FRESHCO?

      • I’ll have to agree with you.. too sweet that I can only managed to eat 1 or 2 bites..I’ve tried once, and…i think I can never have anything with Cinnamon flavour again haha >.< same goes with Brunswick's Cinnamon roll..not my kind of sweet-tooth..

        yup, AA's FreshCo do have it… 🙂

      • Does Auntie Anne’s at FRESHCO has Cinnamon Sugar? They were sold out when I was there last time.

        I still preferred Chocolate Chips among all the flavors that I had tried.

  3. Im not quite sure if they have Cinnamon sugar in FreshCo, last time I tried was at Berjaya TS….I’ve only been to AA’s FreshCo twice, to satisfy my longing-craving for sour cream onion pretzels..hahaha

    yeah..chocolate chips pretzel not bad, but I preferred AA’s Almond Choco Ball 😀

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