Lunch @ Sarang Korean Restaurant, Brunei

Met KinG for lunch with Sister as he still owed my Sister a meal of Chicken Rice. We arranged to meet up at Thien Thien Restaurant at 12:30p.m. in the afternoon after our hair treatment session at CityHair Studio. But unfortunately, Thien Thien Restaurant wasn’t open for business yet as it’s still Chinese New Year festive period. Before going to the restaurant, I somehow had a hunch that the place is not open for business yet.

I used to work in Gadong area previously. And speaking from experience, Thien Thien Restaurant usually closes for quite a period during Chinese New Year and it goes the same for Thiam Hock Restaurant. But seeing that it was already Day 9 of CNY yesterday, I thought maybe it’s already opened and dismissed the hunch altogether until both Sister and I walked to Thien Thien Restaurant and found out that it’s not opened yet.

So, we decided on Sarang Korean Restaurant in the end since I promised to bring her there since half a year ago.


And as usual, there were a lot of complimentary banchan for our main courses.


Happy Choice | B$13.50

I think Happy Choice is already a usual when dining at Sarang Korean Restaurant. And I just had Happy Choice two weekends ago when KinG came down Bandar and we had dinner together. I had both the drumsticks of their Original and Sweet Honey Sauce.


Jap Chae | B$8.00

This is a must have when I am dining at Sarang Korean Restaurant but it also depends on who’s my eating companion for the day. Not all of my friends liked Jap Chae. Seng Yee introduced this to me and I liked it the first moment when I tried it. Since then, Jap Chae had became one of my favorite food in Korean Cuisine.

But not all Korean restaurants serve good Jap Chae as Sarang Korean Restaurant did. I had Jap Chae too when at Dubu-Dubu, Berjaya Times Square in earlier of the week. And it tasted not as good as the one served at Sarang Korean Restaurant. Even Sister agreed that this Jap Chae was a lot better than the one we had at Dubu-Dubu.


Gim Bap | B$6.00

The actual price for a roll of Gim Bap is actually B$3.00 but it’s mandatory for you to order at least 2 rolls at Sarang Korean Restaurant. And since it tasted pretty good, I don’t mind having 2 rolls at all since there were 3 of us yesterday for lunch.


Jangeo Bibimbap

Sister ordered this for herself. She’s a huge fan of Grilled Eel so it’s no surprise that we will order this. I couldn’t be sure what’s the price of Jangeo Bibimbap but I think it’s roughly around B$12 to B$15. The Jangeo was cooked to perfection. It’s soft, tender and it melts on your tongue when you have it in your mouth. Instead of using the plain white rice, Sarang Korean Restaurant serves their Bibimbap with healthy rice.


Dubu Kimchi

I couldn’t remember how much this was either. But I think it was around B$8. This was actually pretty good. The silken tofu was extremely soft. But well, it’s not the fresh ones that you can get from the market but the commercial packaged one which you could find at the local supermarket. It came with sweet soy sauce or what they called teriyaki sauce and topped with lots of garnishes. The preserved kimchi at the side was extremely generous.

When this was being served, KinG asked me if we could ask for a refill for the preserved kimchi that came with the Dubu Kimchi. Seriously? In the end, all three of us were unable to even finish the preserved kimchi from Dubu Kimchi and the complimentary banchan as well.

Sarang Korean Restaurant
Unit 6, Block J,
Batu Bersurat,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-8607830


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