Armenian Street, Penang

I’ll be covering on Armenian Street today. The pictures’ load are not as much as Kek Lok Si Temple. After refreshing ourselves in the hotel when returned from our half day tour at Kek Lok Si Temple in the morning, we headed out and explored the town area nearby to our hotel.

For your information, we stayed at Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang throughout our two days stay in Penang. Review on Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang shall be up very soon. So, stay tune if you are interested. The walking distance from Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang is approximately about 20 to 30 minutes walk. Well, it all varies, depending on how fast you walk anyways.

The first thing which caught our attention as we entered the area was the stall selling Coconut Milk Ice-Cream. Sister asked if we wanna try the famous Coconut Milk Ice-Cream. We decided to go ahead since the weather was a little bit hot and humid at that point of time. A cooling dessert would be a pure bliss.


Coconut Milk Ice-Cream | RM2.50 each

If you wish to have your Coconut Milk Ice-Cream in a cone instead of the cup like we had, it’s a lot more cheaper. It’s RM1 per cone. But I think it only came with a scoop. I am not so keen about licking the ice-cream and the melted ice-cream dripping at the side of the cone. So, I went ahead with the expensive option. You could choose to add both grounded nuts and creamy corn on your ice-cream or have them completely omitted if you wanna have the real taste.

The texture of the ice-cream is a lot smoother than the commercial ice-cream that we could get from the local grocery store. Rather than tasting a strong taste of coconut, I tasted milk more than the coconut. But all in all, it’s still very nice to have especially when the weather is so blasting hot!


Next we came across this stall vendor selling Muar Chee. For those of you who had never heard of Muar Chee, the commercial term for Muar Chee is actually Mochi. But the traditional handmade ones are a lot more different than the commercial ones. The commercial ones are stuffed with fillings. However, the traditional handmade ones are made out of plain glutinous rice flour and coated with finely grounded peanuts.

There’s a funny story behind this picture. I was attempting the take a picture of the stall vendor making these Muar Chee on his right side. But he nicely told me to take it from the left side so that my picture will be captured with much more details of how he made them. LOL! This old guy does know how to publicize his business. He’s probably used to tourists taking pictures of him making Muar Chee. So, he knows the angles. LOL!


Muar Chee | RM3.00

The Muar Chee was warm when served. A portion of these Muar Chee is RM3. The ground nuts were finely chopped with a slight sweet taste. However, we all thought that the Muar Chee was too thinly sliced. It would taste a lot better if it’s thicker so that we can taste more of the texture.


Do look for this Muar Chee stall if you happened to be in the area.


Nicely decorated tuk-tuk ride in Penang bringing tourists around for a fare of RM30 for an hour ride. It’s something interesting if you are looking for something new to try. We personally think that RM30 for an hour ride was horrendous hence we gave it a miss.


Tired of walking around the streets? There’s another way rather than getting on the tuk-tuk which is gonna cost you RM30 for an hour ride, you could always choose to rent the bikes for a couple of hours. I am not sure what are the rates as we did not bother to check out the price. Both Sister and I do not know how to ride a bike. I know it’s weird but that’s the truth for the both of us.


Noticed what’s so special in the above picture? There were cars lining behind the tuk-tuk car. If your car happened to be at the back of a tuk-tuk car, be ready to be patient as it’s gonna take you quite some time to reach the road junction. And these tuk-tuk cars normally have speakers blasting with musics. Be it the traditional or the latest hip hop kinds. Depending on the driver actually.


Armenian Street is the street in Penang whereby you could see lots of arts being drawn onto the walls and they were preserved till today. You wouldn’t be seeing any of these arts picture on this blog as the queues for these wall arts were horrendous. I even took a panoramic picture of the queue. But unfortunately, it was choppy as I did not focus properly. The queue was really long so both Sister and I did not bother to take any picture with the wall arts.

And Armenian Street is one of the area in Penang whereby it’s protected by UNESCO. All buildings in the area were preserved from before until now. You would see that the designs of these buildings were not as modern as the ones that we have nowadays. No alteration is allowed on these buildings. Repairs are allowed but they must be reinstated to it’s original state.


One final picture from our tour at Armenian Street. We saw a street of people displaying their products for sale along the pavement. No idea where these products came from. I even saw one vendor who sold various types AC Connector in one quantity for each.


3 thoughts on “Armenian Street, Penang

  1. Nice pics !

    However that’s not a tuk-tuk. its called a beca (pronounced baycha). Tuk tuk is motorized.

    I don’t think muar chee n mochi are the same…although similar.

    • Thanks!

      I thought they are called tuk-tuk cars as they looked rather similar to me as the ones in Bangkok though I had never been to Bangkok. But thanks for telling me about the difference.

      I think Muar Chee and Mochi had about the same texture but Mochi’s slightly thicker. But I liked Muar Chee more than Mochi. How about you? But I liked the ones from Mochi Sweets but not those sold in supermarkets.

      Have you been to Penang before? There’s nothing much to do when you only had one full day. I missed out Penang Hill, beaches and the jetty. And I don’t see much food stalls either. Probably everyone are still at home celebrating CNY.

      • Its hard for me to decide which one I like more as I enjoy both. But muar chee wins by a very small margin because I like the crunchy peanuts.

        I have been to Penang but that was many many years ago when I was little.

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