Review: RMK Cleansing Oil S

After all the food reviews going on on this blog for past few days, I felt like taking a break from food pictures and blogging. So, I was thinking why not do a skincare product review since I had not been doing one for quite some time? And the last one was written like 2 weeks ago? To be honest, I have quite a few pending but I don’t feel like rushing them in one go.

I am going down Miri on a day trip on this coming Sunday as Andrea is coming home from Singapore today. It was an impromptu weekend return but I am glad that she told me about it in advance so that I could make arrangement to meet her up with some close friends.

Okay … Back to today’s topic – RMK Cleansing Oil S.


I know this ain’t the best shot but it’s the best I could manage. xD

I bought a sample size bottle of RMK Cleansing Oil S from BestBuy World Malaysia last December before I went down for Elsey’s wedding. But the wedding was postponed a week before the actual date. And since I had already booked and paid for my room at Meritz Hotel, I decided to stick with the original plan since the money which I paid for my room was non-refundable.

This bottle of cleansing oil came in mini size which is convenient for me to bring around when I am on the go. I brought it with me on my previous holiday trip to both Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang. Fearing that the cleansing oil might break out on my skin, I asked Sister to bring a backup.

The liquid is yellowish in color like what you saw in the above picture and the texture is quite thick in consistency. It’s slightly thicker in texture than some other cleansing oils which I had used. RMK Cleansing Oil S smelled very minty to me the moment I poured out the liquid from it’s bottle. I do like minty scent but perhaps not in a cleansing oil or facial cleanser as it could be pretty annoying or irritating at times, especially when you have open pores or currently having skin breakouts.

I do tend to use cleansing oil around the eye areas, so it could be stinging when I am not careful enough. I do know that I am not supposed to use cleansing oil on the eye areas but since I am not using any eye makeup, eye makeup remover is therefore not necessary for me.

It’s emulsifying ability is not as good as compared to the other cleansing oils which I had previously used. My skin was experiencing mild breakouts when I was on my holiday trip in KL and Penang. So, when I rinsed off the cleansing oil with lukewarm water, I could see that my skin looked a lot reddened than usual. And the minty feeling lasted on my skin for quite a while until I double cleansed my face with a facial cleanser. It does leave my skin looking clean but it’s the reddened skin which I was concerned with and I do not like the minty feeling on my skin.

So, here’s what I think of RMK Cleansing Oil S in a nutshell:

1. Smelled nice for those who like minty scent.
2. Texture is a little bit thicker compared to some other cleansing oils which I have tried.

1. Didn’t like the minty feeling as it could be pretty irritating or annoying when there’s a breakout.
2. Cause my skin to redden.
3. Minty feeling stayed until I double cleansed my face with a facial cleanser.
4. Emulsifying ability is not as good as some other cleansing oils I had tried.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RM5 (8ml)

Repurchase? Nope!

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