Review: Fatty Boy Chicken Rice, Penang

Good morning! It’s finally weekend, which means I am going down Miri tomorrow to visit Andrea who came back from Singapore for Chap Goh Meh dinner. It’s National Day next Sunday and I had made arrangement with Jennifer to try the newly opened High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe at Batu Bersurat. Hopefully they will be open on that day and I heard Starbucks Coffee is opening at Mabohai Complex this Sunday and there will be shuttle bus service provided from Indoor Stadium to Mabohai Complex for free.

Anyways, here comes another food review of Fatty Boy Chicken Rice from Penang. The review of PNB Darby Park Executive Suites shall come up very shortly. Stay tune if you are interested.

Fatty Chicken Chicken Rice is located right next to Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang. It was rather new to us that majority Penang populations had rice for breakfast that morning. So, we too had rice that morning for breakfast. LOL!


This was the stall whereby we had our breakfast on the day before we headed for Kek Lok Si Temple. Apart from signature dish of chicken rice, Fatty Boy Chicken Rice also serves varieties of Penang dishes. According to my mom, one of the famous dish in Penang is their Deep Fried Bean Curds & Hard Boiled Eggs Stew.


Some of the dishes were already cooked in a large pot to cater the demands of patrons. That way the dishes would be more flavorful the longer they were stewed under low heat.


Kopi-O, the Chinese version of Americano. LOL!


Hot Milo for both Sister and I. I find them to be rather sweet for my liking.


Roasted Chicken

This was not bad. The meat was tender and juicy and the gravy tasted very good too. The saltiness was of perfection. They were finger licking good.


Char Siew

This was okay but I think I had better. Nothing special to rave about though.


Deep Fried Bean Curds & Hard Boiled Eggs Stew

This was what I mentioned about one of Penang’s famous dish. It’s cooked with black soy sauce and white pepper powder. The bean curds were deep fried to perfection and they were both soft and silky. Unfortunately, it was the stew which I do not fancy much as I personally find them to be rather spicy for my liking. All I could taste was the white pepper powder. Perhaps Penang people like it that way but this is definitely not for me. I am sure my mom or my Company’s kitchen lady can make much more decent and tasty hard boiled eggs in soy sauce stew.

Price: RM32 (food only, not inclusive of the beverages)

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice
Restaurant 98,
Burmah Road,
10500, Georgetown,


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