Review: PNB Darby Park Executive Suites

This is the last hotel review from my previous holiday trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang. I browsed through Agoda hotel choices for more than a week before Sister and I decided with PNB Darby Park Executive Suites. I gave her a list of hotels to choose from albeit I am the paying for the entire trip’s accommodation while she pays for both my parents’ travel expenses.

Before deciding on PNB Darby Park Executive Suites, we were choosing between Fraser Place and Ambassador Serviced Suites By Lanson as well. The reviews on the latter hadn’t been very well as whether you will be getting a good suite is by 50 50 chance. The price for Fraser Place is slightly steep for the room size given compared to PNB Darby Park Executive Suites. Albeit Sister may be able to request for an upgrade at Fraser Place for the same price paid on Agoda, we decided to go for the economical option.

We headed straight to PNB Darby Park Executive Suites, Kuala Lumpur after we touched down at Subang Airport from Penang in the morning. Wanted to try our luck if we could be granted an early check-in. The cab ride from Subang Airport to the hotel was approximately around 30 – 40 minutes with RM45 of cab fare.

It’s safer to always buy your cab coupon from the airport rather than by using a metered cab. There tend to be a few unscrupulous cab drivers who would quote you a cut throat price for you to haggle. The cab driver who drove us from the airport wasn’t entirely sure where PNB Darby Park Executive Suites is located, hence I have to make use of my phone GPS system to locate the hotel.

If your cab driver also happened not to know where PNB Darby Park is, just tell him/her that it’s located across The Troika. And if they do not know where The Troika is either, then it’s about 50m or less walk from Intercontinental Hotel. Or Menara PNB as the hotel is located on the side.

Okay … It’s pictures time!!!


This is what greeted us when we were in the lobby of the hotel itself. Before arriving at the hotel, Sister mentioned to me that quality of a hotel usually depends on how they make their reception area. The plainer their reception area looked, the better their rooms would be and vice versa. It may be odd for some of you but it happened to be quite true actually. PNB Darby Park Executive Suites does have a normal looking reception but their rooms were decent and grand looking.


So, this is their check-in and out counters. Very simple and plain, right? Our check-in procedure was a brisk and the guy at the reception was kinda enough to grant us an early check-in as the usual check-in hour is 2:00p.m. in the afternoon. All you need to do is provide your proof of identity which is an identity card for me since I am a Malaysian. No cash or credit card deposit necessary if you booked via Agoda.

Complimentary WiFi will be given during check-in but you’ll have to ask for it. A set of user ID and password will be given and only 4 gadgets are allowed at a time.  Our check-out procedure was even brisker. All I did was hand over the room card keys and we are all set to go.


This is the cafe lobby. I took this on the day when we were leaving KL for Brunei.


And the view from the lobby to the entrance.

Moving on to our suite’s pictures …


I booked for a 2 Bedrooms Deluxe – Premier Floor. That’s why you’ll see room card keys stating Premier Floor. We were being given three room card keys per suite. We were being given Suite 1608 during our stay. There were about 5 to 6 service lifts provided at the lobby to bring you to your suites and they moved pretty fast too.


Now this is what you will be greeted upon opening the main door to your suite! It’s an open living and dining room. The kitchen is on the left side upon opening the main door and they also provided a shoe cabinet on your left when you entered the suite.


So, this is the kitchen and it came equipped with a fridge, water kettle, microwave and cooking stove. Cooking pots, pans, plates, bowls and eating utensils were fully equipped as well. So, there’s no need to worry that you’ll lack of stuffs when you intended to cook a meal in the suite. But the most you could whip up in the kitchen are probably instant noodles and microwaved roasted chicken unless you bring enough food seasonings and stuffs. Well, at least that’s what we cooked in the apartment the other day.


This was what my mom cooked for us with on our last night in KL given the utensils provided in the kitchen. She bought A1 Bak Kut Teh instant noodles and some vegetables from Isetan while Sister and I were busy shopping at Marks & Spencer. LOL!


And I bought Roasted Chicken from Cold Storage Supermarket.


Huge dining table that could accommodate more than 6 pax if you pulled extra chairs.


And there’s another guest toilet right next to the kitchen.

Now let’s move on to the bedrooms. Parents took the master bedroom while Sister and I took the guest bedroom.


This is the master bedroom and it came with an ensuite bathroom. There’s a closet on the right side and it contained a safe deposit box. All safe deposit box is located in the master bedroom. The TV in the room is not a flat screen like the one we had in the living room.

There was a night when my mom wanted to watch the TV from the master bedroom and realized that the cable wasn’t plugged into any socket. We have to do it by ourselves and decided to give up in the end as the space is not big enough and the socket was unreachable unless you moved the TV a bit. By the way, the TV and the cabinet were heavy.


This is the ensuite bathroom of the master bedroom. It had both shower cubicle and bathtub.

Now, let’s move on to the room which both Sister and I shared throughout our stay. We took the guest room since it came with twin bed rather than a double bed.


So, this was the room we stayed in. It came with twin beds and the pillows were made out of duck feathers which gave a slightly unpleasant smell. Well, duck feathers don’t smell great anyways but it’s warm enough to be slept in an air-conditioned room or during winter.



The difference between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom is that the latter has something which looked like this. It looked like we had a walk-in closet. On the right side where you see light “gleaming” out from it, it’s our shower room and there’s a vanity mirror next to it. Very convenient when putting on your contacts or drawing your eyebrows. LOL!


So, this is our ensuite bathroom. All ensuite bathrooms were equipped with a hair dryer attached to the wall and complimentary toiletries. The ensuite bathroom in the guest bedroom doesn’t come with a bathtub but a shower cubicle only, which is fine by me as I preferred shower cubicle over bathtub.

Verdict: PNB Darby Park Executive Suites is a comfortable and safe place to stay in while you are either on a business trip or on vacation in KL. The nearest LRT Station – Ampang Park is only about 2 – 3 minutes walk from the entrance of the hotel.

The cleanliness of the suite is pretty much well maintained. But the drainage was pretty run down for us. All the pipes in our suite were leaking at the time of our stay. When I say all, it’s really ALL. Like the pipes in the kitchen, both the ensuite bathrooms as well as the toilet in the living area. The speed of complimentary WiFi was quick but it tends to get disconnected if you left it idle for quite some time. But it will be reconnected once you key in the user ID and password again. So, no biggie there.

Hotel staffs were friendly and helpful. On the night before we were due to fly back to Brunei, we requested for a cab to bring us to the airport the next day. The concierge/bellboy assured us that the cab would be ready when we needed it. True enough, the cab driver was already waiting for us when I went down for check-out procedure and the same bellboy from the night before was there as well to remind me that the cab has arrived. The cab fare from the hotel to KLIA was RM80.

There were a few restaurants located in the hotel itself – 10 Binjai, The 39 Restaurant and Kung Jung Restaurant. 10 Binjai serves both local and international cuisines, The 39 Restaurant serves mostly Malay cuisine while Kung Jung Restaurant is a Korean restaurant. If you wish to have a cuppa nearby to the hotel, you could always walk across the street to The Troika and they have Acme Bar & Coffee. KAMPACHI is also located at The Troika, right next to Acme Bar & Coffee.

Ampang Park Shopping Centre is roughly about 5 to 10 minutes walk from the entrance of the hotel. And across the street from Ampang Park Shopping Centre, they have The Intermark whereby Jaya Grocer is located on their basement floor. You could also have breakfast at the food court in front of Jaya Grocer. To be honest, the food there were reasonably priced for KL standard.

If you are wondering how much I paid for our 2 nights stay at PNB Darby Park Executive Suites, I paid S$392.02 altogether inclusive of the service tax which Agoda imposed. What do you think? I think it was very much well worth the money which I paid for apart from the leaking pipes. LOL! Given the closeness of LRT Station and the cleanliness of the hotel, I would definitely return to the hotel if by any chance I am returning KL for a holiday trip next time.

PNB Darby Park Executive Suites
10 Jalan Binjai,
50450, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-74903333


4 thoughts on “Review: PNB Darby Park Executive Suites

  1. Where is this hotel located? Near Bukit Bintang area? It looks grand yet reasonable. Whenever my family & i go to KL, we would stay at Noble Hotel at Masjid Jamek area & it’s freaking tacky! >.< It used to be nice long time ago but the management went downward after that. My mum insisted that hotel since it's cheap & she likes the Masjid Jamek, which isn't my fav lol :p But we won't stay there anymore cause it 's said to be haunted & my mum freaked out XD I wanna go to KL again next time but preferably stay at Bukit Bintang area :3

    • Nope, PNB Darby Park is located in KLCC area. The Twin Tower could be seen from our suite balcony the other day.

      I had also wanted to stay around Bukit Bintang area but my sister said that Bukit Bintang area is not as safe as KLCC. No idea why but I liked the surrounding of this hotel. Everything is posh. They also have a few high end restaurants just opposite the hotel.

      This hotel is located one station away from KLCC LRT Station. The nearest LRT station to this hotel is Ampang Park. If you know where Intercontinental Hotel is in KL, you will definitely be able to locate this hotel.

      This hotel won quite a lot of awards few years ago but stopped since 2011, I think, The appearance of the hotel still looked decent but then some of the fixtures needed maintenance. All the rooms are spacious in the suite.

      But the pillows and duvet reek of duck feathers. May not be common for us but some high end hotels use duck feathers as it could keep you warm at night. It’s more commonly used in China but winter in China could be unbearable sometimes.

  2. Thank you for this! I’m heading to KL next week and recently booked this suite hoping there’s blog reviews on this. travelling w an infant this time, so I’m really hoping the pictures does justice. heh! 🙂

    • You are very much welcome! Glad that you found the review of help.

      Wow! Traveling with an infant. But staying in a serviced suite is so much more convenient especially when you have an infant around.

      I liked this serviced suite a lot but the only thing that disappointed me was the drainage system. All the pipes in the suite which we stayed were leaking. No major leaking but still leakage.

      Hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did.

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