Of Random Things #34 – Penang & KL Food

I think this is probably the third last blog entry which I have about the food trips which I had when in both Penang and Kuala Lumpur (KL). These food were pretty random in my opinion. Hence, I decided to make one blog entry and compile them all together. I don’t see the point of doing them individually. So, here it goes …


As we had an early flight from Brunei to KL that day, Royal Brunei Airlines serves American breakfast which includes roasted potatoes, omelette, baked beans, tomatoes, chicken luncheon and a warm croissant to go with the butter. The croissant was nice when it was still warm and it tasted even nicer when you spread it with the accompanying butter. The omelette was average to me as it was too soggy. To be honest, it was quite a disappointing breakfast apart from the croissant.


Super excited when I saw an Auntie Anne’s stall at 1Utama and joined the queue immediately. Albeit I just had two of their pretzels the day before at Auntie Anne’s, FRESHCO, I just couldn’t have enough and decided to go for more. Queued for a little while only as the queue was short and their supplies were sufficient to cater a large demand.


*drools* So many choices to choose from …


Chocolate Mint | RM3.40

This was okay but tad bit too sweet for my liking. The taste of mint wasn’t very strong but enough for tasting.


Lor Mee | RM4.00

I had this at a local Chinese cafe outside New World Park on the night when we arrived Penang. Checked into the hotel and we were already starving. So, Sister and I headed out for supper and also bought takeaway supper for both my parents whom decided to stay and rest in the hotel. Lor Mee is one of Penang specialty dish, if I am not wrong.

Lor Mee is a noodle dish that came with Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) and Yellow Noodle. A rather sticky soy sauce broth was poured over the noodles before serving. The one I had the other day had bean sprouts, hard boiled eggs and shredded chicken meat in the broth. The broth tasted quite bland for both Sister and I. Had no choice but to completely pour in the accompanying homemade chili paste into the broth.


Nasi Lemak Special | RM11.50

Had this at Penang International Airport on the morning when we were due to fly back to KL. They used chicken breast fillet and breaded with flour before deep frying. The chicken was still tender and juicy albeit being deep fried. The sambal paste was too hot for my tummy to tolerate. I used to be able to tolerate hot and spicy food but not anymore. No idea why …


Dark Chocolate | RM2.80

Originally priced at RM2.80 but turned out to be RM2.95 when added on with government service tax. Had this at Krispy Kreme when I was window shopping alone at Berjaya Times Square. Felt kinda tired to walk further so I decided to find a place to rest.

Couldn’t decide what I wanna try as there were so much to choose from. I used to have their famous Apple Custard Crumble back in the UK. Decided to have something different that day hence ordered Dark Chocolate for myself. Kinda regretted as it was too sweet for my liking.


Cinnamon Sugar | RM3.40

Came across an Auntie Anne’s when I walked further after my short tea break at Krispy Kreme. Had always wanted to try Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar so I got myself one to try and it was a major regret too as it was extremely sweet. It was as if I am eating sugar!


Strawberry Cheesecake | RM8.50

My first try of Baskin Robbins ice-cream! I had my usual favorite flavor which is the Strawberry Cheesecake. To be honest, I liked the version from Haagen Dazs more than any other brand of ice-cream parlor. The original price per scoop is RM8 but it came out to be RM8.50 after charging on government service tax.


Roasted Jelly Grass Jelly Milk Tea | RM5.90


Taiwan Plum Ice Tea with Aloe Vera | RM5.90

I had been wanting to try Chatime for quite some time. We wanted to buy from the Chatime stall at KL Sentral Station but decided not to as you are not allowed to consume food or drink in the LRT train. And when we got off at KL Sentral Station after returning from Batu Caves, Sister told me that we should be able to find a Chatime stall at KLCC. And it was so true! There was a Chatime stall a while after we came out from KLCC LRT Station.


Say Cheese | RM2.50


White Chocolate Nestum | RM2.50

Went to buy these doughnuts from Big Apple when I was window shopping with Sister at KLCC as I had long starved from all the walking at Batu Caves. Say Cheese was for me and White Chocolate Nestum was for Sister. Say Cheese tasted good but it could be due to me being starving at that point of time. Hence, everything tasted good.

So, this basically summed up my random food trip or whatever you called it. LOL!

6 thoughts on “Of Random Things #34 – Penang & KL Food

  1. Flawless post! Full of foods :9 Lol. Had Big Apples once in KK & it’s really good! I could even differentiated it with our Fun Donuts but Fun Donuts is quite nice also of course 😀 You should have tried Boost Juice! It’s so…uhhh damn refreshing! If you’re into fruit milkshakes, it’s the way to go :9

    • I don’t think it’s necessary to make a blog entry for each and every one of them. So, decided to compile all of them in one go to save the hassles and time.

      To be honest, I still preferred the doughnuts from Big Apple more than Fun Donut. I only had a couple of doughnuts from Fun Donut before.

      Have you tried Chewy Junior? I tried it the other day when at Yayasan. It was pretty good but costly as well. Couldn’t remember how much was each but roughly about B$2 or more?

      I wanted to try Boost the other day but am afraid that I won’t be able to finish it. I have the habit of not being able to finish drinks. LOL! So, I had to force myself to finish at least half most of the time.

    • Hmm … That was indeed a very random question. LOL!

      I couldn’t be sure if I could be of any help here. But I would try my best. xD I am recommending based on my own preferences.

      If you are looking for place serving decent pasta, I would suggest Capers Italian Pasta & Pizzeria or Din’s Bistro. I am pretty sure you had heard of the former. The latter was only opened not long ago. Reviews on the latter had been neutral. I guess it all depends on personal preference.

      I liked their pasta as they were cooked al dente but it was the price which bugged me. Not a place where you would want to dine frequently unless you have a big fat wallet.

      I seldom try the grills at Charcoal BBQ & Grill Restaurant but a lot said it has the best grill in town. Like I said, it all depends on personal preference.

      I personally preferred Cottage Grills. If you were to ask others about a decent place for grills in Brunei, I am pretty sure majority would recommend Charcoal.

      Hope this helps. xD

      • ok.. Imma try Din’s Bistro..never been there >.< as for Capers, I might have to scratch that one cause we all promised to stay away from Capers for few good months! lol. yeah..most of my friends recommend Charcoal..but I think I might wanna try something new, Cottage Grills it is! Sorry for the random question, I was assigned to pick restaurant this time by my team…so yeah XD

        Thank you so much 😀

      • You’re welcome. I hope you will like the places which I recommended.

        It could be a headache when assigned to pick out places for meals.

        I used to have the same problem when my friend and I are going out for dinner. I always ended up being the one to choose place. Could be a hassle sometimes.

        Do tell me what you think of the places after trying out!

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