Review: Aik Soon Tang, Penang

Sister had been saying that she wanted to eat herbal jelly on our last day in Penang. We were having dinner at the food court of 1st Avenue and Mom bought us two bowls of Ice Kacang equivalent to share but it looked more like Ai Yu Ping to me.

While we were walking our way back to Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang, Sister spotted Aik Soon Tang. It was located just a stone throw away from Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang. The cafe was completely deserted when we arrived but patrons started coming in and filled up the cafe shortly after.


The staff who attended to us was very courteous and friendly. She explained each and every kinds of herbal jelly they are selling along with the health benefits of having them. Their herbal jellies came in different flavors and there are specific health benefits for each and every flavors.


This was taken at the point when the staff was doing all the explanations of the health benefits for each and every flavors. They have Original, Monk Fruit (罗汉果), Menthol, Pearl, Ginseng and 田七. Excuse me for using Chinese characters as I do not know what are these fruits known as in English. But all I can say is that majority of the flavors were made out of Chinese herbs which proved to be beneficial for our health.


A jug of honey syrup was placed on each and every table in the cafe. It is used to neutralize the bitterness of the herbal jelly. To be honest, herbal jelly tastes nothing like the usual grass jelly that we have. Herbal jelly comes with a bitter taste while grass jelly is almost bland but it doesn’t taste bitter.


Menthol Herbal Jelly | RM6



I had Menthol Herbal Jelly. Couldn’t remember what were the health benefits for Menthol but I think it was nothing significant compared to the others. The texture of their herbal jelly is a lot thicker compared to the usual grass jelly. Albeit it was flavored with menthol, it still tasted rather bitter for me to the extent that I needed to add in quite a generous amount of honey syrup.

I wasn’t able to finish the entire bowl so I gave the leftovers to Sister. She had Pearl Herbal Jelly as the staff told her that the health benefit for Pearl Herbal Jelly is for improving skin complexion. LOL!

Aik Soon Tang
133 Jalan Burma,
10500, Penang,
Tel: +6018-4677991


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