Dinner @ New Cottage Grills, Mata-Mata Complex

Just found out from Mom that we have to move into another house in within a short period of two weeks to a month yesterday afternoon when I was out running some work errands. And no, we were not being chased out (if that’s what you are wondering) by the landlord. Our current house will be going through refurbishment soon, so the landlord suggested that we move into another house of the same area.

The new house is a lot smaller than our current one. I have yet viewed the house myself but I did make a turn to the area and have a look of it myself from the outside. Honestly speaking, I think it’s half size smaller than the house we are currently residing in. And what’s worse, house moving means giving notice of your new mailing address to banks, AIA, TelBru and JKR. I think I will be needing a day off on weekday to sort them all out.

Anyways, let’s not go into details about my house moving but New Cottage Grills which Kaylie and I went to last Tuesday evening. I was craving for some lamb chops since Monday but Kaylie had a date with her Kevin (husband now). So, we decided to meet for dinner at New Cottage Grills, Mata-Mata Complex on the following evening.

I think they had renamed their restaurant. I don’t remember it being New Cottage Grills previously but Cottage Grills only.


And they changed their menu booklets as well. I remembered the previous ones being a little bit worn out and crumpled in some ways. That’s Kaylie behind the scene checking out what I showed her on my phone.


Interior design of the restaurant is still the same as compared to before. I just realized that they do have private rooms for patrons who wished to have more privacy when hosting a dinner or what.

Anyways, let me show you what we had for dinner the other night …


Complimentary Garlic Bread

I personally find their Garlic Bread not to be as nice as it used to be. It’s kinda dry in my opinion and the garlic taste is not as strong as before. For those of you who don’t like strong garlic taste, you might like this. But I am someone who like strong garlic taste for garlic bread. What’s garlic bread without the strong taste of garlic anyways? The best Garlic Bread which I had so far were the ones from Din’s Bistro and Coffee Zone, Kiulap.


Creme Pumpkin Seafood | B$4.00

According to their menu, this Creme Pumpkin Seafood is their signature soup. They blended the following ingredients together – rich pumpkin pulps, fresh prawns and scallops to produce a thick broth and topped with fresh cream. This was by far one of the best pumpkin soup which I had tasted. It tasted extremely rich of pumpkins and sweet at the same time. What I don’t really like about the soup is that they had too much pepper powder, hence making it a little bit spicy for a pumpkin soup.


Sweet Corn | B$4.00

Being a fussy eater when it comes to vegetables, Kaylie ordered a Sweet Corn for herself as she dislikes pumpkins and mushrooms. It’s a wonder to me how can someone dislikes mushroom. LOL! Kaylie had the same verdict as mine for their soups – too much pepper powder. Albeit too much pepper powder in the soup, it still tasted very addictive.


Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg | B$10.50

Expected Kaylie to order this for herself as she’s not much of a lamb person. And she only has beef provided that they were fully cooked. According to her, this was slightly oilier compared to what she remembered. I had this before and I quite liked it as well but not the oil factor though. The chicken was juicy and tender since they used a whole chicken leg.

As for side dishes, they have quite a varieties of options you could choose from. They have French Fries / Jacket Potato / Corn on the Cob / Mashed Potato or Garden Salad / Tropical Salad / Vegetables. Kaylie went for the side dishes of French Fries and Vegetables.


Grilled Lamb Shoulders | B$17.00

It came with two pieces of sizeable shoulder cuts. Honestly speaking, I was rather disappointed with their Grilled Lamb Shoulders this time round. It was slightly drier compared to what I had previously. I assumed that they were overcooked. Gonna remember to have them medium cooked my Grilled Lamb Shoulder the next time I visit them again.

They offered the options of three accompanying sauces that you could choose for your Grilled Lamb Shoulders – BBQ, Black Pepper and Mushroom. And I would of course go for the safest option – Mushroom Sauce. As for my side dishes, I had French Fries and Garden Salad.

Verdict: All in all, New Cottage Grills is a good place which you could try if you are craving for some lamb or beef steaks at reasonable pricing. But it all depends on personal preferences. There was once when I went with Jennie and she wasn’t impressed with their lamb shank as it’s pretty much undercooked for her liking.

For your information, the food pricing at New Cottage Grills had increased from the range of B$0.50 to about B$2.00. Creme Pumpkin Seafood used to be B$3.50 but it had now increased to B$4.00 whereas Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg had increased by B$1.50 to B$10.50. Grilled Lamb Shoulders used to be B$16.00 only and it’s now B$17.00.

New Cottage Grills
First Floor, Unit 3.
Block C, Warisan Mata-Mata Complex,
Simpang: 322, Gadong, BE1718,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2426230


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