Of Random Things #35

I started packing and clearing away some of the stuffs in my room yesterday evening after coming home from work. Only managed to clear my closet and a little bit of the stuffs on the bookshelf yesterday evening. Half of my clothes will be going to charity. Just realized that I am one huge fan of apparels from both Giordano and Hush Puppies. Majority of them came from these two brands.

Joo Sie will be coming over tomorrow morning to collect the stuffs for charity donation. Packed away two boxes of chicklit novels for her at the same time and some skincare products’ samples which I had extra. I gave away all my books apart from my collection of Stephanie Meyer Twilight series. Speaking of Twilight series, I wonder where was my collection of Lord Of The Rings. I don’t remember seeing them on my bookshelf when clearing away the other books. Harry Potter series were with Alan but what happened to the Lord Of The Rings?

I am sad for having to give these away as I spent a lot buying them from Best Eastern in the first place. Mom insisted that I should either give them away or have them donated. Honestly speaking, we wouldn’t be having ample space for storage in our newly rented house. So, might as well give them away while I still can rather than letting them collecting dust in the storage room. At least, I know they will be in good hands.


And I also had another box of books which I will be donating to the library of Chung Hwa Middle School. These were the books which I deemed to be suitable for high school students. I should have also donated my other Thesaurus Dictionary but I am too lazy to unseal the other box.


A box of the stamps’ collection of Sister’s!


Half of my skincare and toiletries products took up the space of a medium sized storage box. I just realized that I had too many sheet masks. Think I should stop buying anymore sheet masks for the next 6 months. Gotta be packing away my perfumes and stuffs tonight.


2 thoughts on “Of Random Things #35

  1. Ahh. ; ; It’s always sad to have to part with your beloved books. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. It was very kind of you to give them away. C: I hope you find your Lord of the Rings series!

    • Yeah .. But at least it’s good to know that they will be in good hands. And furthermore, no need to worry where you are gonna place them in the new house when the new place is gonna be a lot smaller than what you are living in now.

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