Of Random Things #36

Stayed home yesterday to do all the clearing and packing of stuffs. Had breakfast with Joo Sie at Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering in the morning so that it will be easier for her to come over to my house for the collection of the boxes of stuffs that are going to charity. Managed to clear 80% of my study table, a bookshelf and my vanity counter.

While I was clearing away the bookshelf, I found a box labelled Private Letters. I never have any box of Private Letters so those were definitely Sister’s. There’s no point of keeping old letters anyways so I Whatsapp-ed her if she’s okay with me burning all her letters and she agreed. While clearing away those letter, I found these …


The trophies and medals which Sister and I achieved throughout our school days. To be honest, there was only one from the bunch which belonged to me and the rest were Sister’s. I am not that of an academic person compared to Sister back in the days. Both Sister and I agreed on throwing these away but Mom insisted on keeping them as they came with the logo of our former school. *sigh* Stored them away in a box and we shall see what we are gonna do when we moved into the new house.


Cleared away my entire vanity counter and these were what I left with me for the time being to last until we officially move into the new house. This vanity counter will not be staying in my new room when we moved over but Mom decided that she wanted to have it to store some of her stuffs. Yay! Which means I get to buy something new as my vanity counter. Thinking of buying a Chip Board Shelf for my new room and place all my skincare essentials on them.

I am also planning to get a 32″ Philips Flat Screen TV for my new room but am still contemplating whether I should or not as my new room doesn’t have ample space for a TV cabinet. Worse comes to worst scenario, I will have to have it screwed onto the wall. A friend suggested having it screwed onto the wall as it will look nicer and saves some bucks on getting a TV cabinet.


Bought myself a brand new Sony external hard disk from BIT Computer last Saturday afternoon. This came with 1TB storage capacity for B$110. I also found out that they were selling Toshiba FlashAir for B$62 for 8GB. The original retail price in Singapore was around B$78 if I am not mistaken. Decided not to buy it first until I am really needing it.


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