Dinner @ Excapade Sushi, Times Square

I had actually wanted to go Standard Chartered Bank, Manggis Mall yesterday evening to make some amendment on my mailing address for my bank accounts but the area was congested. So, I decided to drive straight ahead and went Times Square instead.

I went Baiduri Bank, Times Square hoping that they will allow me to change my mailing address albeit I did not have my bank account number with me. Indeed they allowed but as I did not have my passport with me, hence they denied me in the end. LOL!

As I hadn’t had any dinner before heading to Times Square, I decided to have my dinner alone at Excapade Sushi, Times Square. I had been craving for sushi. So, Excapade Sushi it was to fix my sushi crave. Hahaha … xD


Instead of providing you with only a tea cup and a packet of green tea, Excapade Sushi serves a pot of green tea yesterday. One thing which I was disappointed with their pot of green tea was that the tea wasn’t steaming hot when I poured them into my tea cup. It should have came steaming hot by the way. I assumed that this pot of green tea had been prepared like more than 15 minutes ago before serving. The green tea was only lukewarm when I took my first sip.


Salmon Maki | B$2.70


Spicy Tuna Temaki | B$3.80

A little bit disappointed in this as well as I personally find the tuna not to be fresh. It was spicy and the seaweed was fresh and crispy enough. I am not sure if it was the tuna but I did have a mild diarrhea after having them.


Kimchi Fried Rice | B$5.00

Quite liked the Kimchi Fried Rice at Excapade Sushi but it was slightly too oily for my liking. The preserved kimchi was tad bit salty as well. All in all, it was still an appetizing dish though.


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