Review: Chili Fish Pasta @ Swensen’s, The Mall

After dealing with both TelBru and amended my home and mailing addresses with Baiduri Bank, I decided to go for dinner. I was supposed to meet up with Kaylie yesterday evening at The Mall for dinner but she had to run home helping her mom with some errands. I did not bother to call up Joo Sie as she might be busy with some works in hand. So, it was down to me alone in the end.

The basement parking lot of The Mall was only a quarter occupied and the building itself was pretty quiet compared to the scene of bustling customers during the end or early of every month. I was craving for some pasta yesterday evening (blame my hormones, it’s almost the time of the month), so I decided to stop by Swensen’s for pasta instead of going Pasta Mania as I had been there with Joo Sie just two weeks ago.


Chili Fish Pasta | B$14.80

This came with two pieces deep fried battered fish fillets and spaghetti in spicy oriental sauce. Their deep fried battered fish fillets looked extremely crunchy on the menu but I was slightly disappointed when I saw the real thing. It was pretty soggy in my opinion. And there was only one small part of the fish fillets whereby it was crunchy.

The sauce was spicy in a moderate way. It wasn’t extremely spicy and neither was it non-spicy as well. It gave a kind of kick to the flavor of the pasta sauce. The portion of spaghetti and shiitake mushrooms were generous.

All in all, this was a tummy filling pasta dish but I doubt I will be ordering it again the next time I dine at Swensen’s. I am most likely to go for their Chili Crab Pasta or Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Pasta next.

Unit 2.34 – 2.36, Second Floor,
The Mall,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Gadong, BE3519,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2451864


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