Review: Starbucks Coffee, Brunei

The family and I had moved into the newly rented house since last Sunday and we had finally settled in. It was hard sleeping in on the first night as both parents and I woke up early in the morning on the next day after we moved in. I drove out to Manggis Mall on Monday morning for Standard Chartered Bank as I needed to change both the home and mailing address for my bank accounts.

After finishing my errand at Standard Chartered Bank, I went down to Hua Ho to buy some household goods before driving myself to Kiulap for Amway and then Starbucks Coffee for my morning coffee as I don’t have anything else to do in the morning. I had been avoiding going Starbucks Coffee during the weekends as it’s expected to be crowded. So, weekday morning would be just perfect to enjoy my drink at Starbucks Coffee.


The cafe is spacious and it came with lots of comfortable seating. I chose a table by the window as it came with sofa chair. Complimentary WiFi is provided as well but there were only certain few spots whereby you can get strong reception. I don’t get much strong reception from where I was sitting the other day. Albeit it was a Monday morning when I was there the other day, the cafe was still quite crowded. But of course, it’s not as crowded as compared to weekends.


Green Tea Latte (Grande) | B$6.50

My favorite beverage at Starbucks Coffee is their Chai Latte. But unfortunately, not all Starbucks Coffee serve Chai Latte. From what I had known, majority Starbucks Coffee across Malaysia do not serve Chai Latte. The only time when I had Chai Latte of Starbucks Coffee was the one at Gold Coast, Australia. But I got addicted to this Green Tea Latte when I went Starbucks Coffee, Miri with Andrea last year. She was ordering this beverage for herself and I followed suit. But we topped our drinks with whipped cream.

It tasted good enough for my taste bud so I had it again when I was at Starbucks Coffee, Penang. But it was rather bitter in my opinion but still good enough. The one I had the other day tasted too sweet for my liking and I couldn’t taste much of the Green Tea but sugar syrup.


Chicken Cheese Pie | B$6.80

I ordered this to try as Jia previously mentioned that the pies at Starbucks Coffee are good. But unfortunately, I don’t think I liked this as much as she did. I did not like the pastry crust to be honest. It’s more of an healthy option as I think that the pastry crust is made out of wholemeal flour as I could taste the grainy bits. The fillings were okay but I just did not like the pastry crust that much.

Starbucks Coffee
Second Floor,
Mabohai Shopping Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2222322


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