Sunday Lunch @ Ikura Sushi Restaurant

I made Banana Pancakes yesterday morning for breakfast after requesting a colleague of mine to get me a bunch of bananas while she was on her way home after work. Some of the bananas turned out to be overripe. I intended to make Chocolate Banana Chiffon Cake in the evening after seeing the state they were in but Mom forbade me for doing so as I had just recovered from mild fever on last Friday evening. So, I spent the entire yesterday evening watching some of the old drama series which I had been saving all these while in my external HDD. And guess what? I have a total of five external HDD.

After making Banana Pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning, I drove out to Gadong Central for my appointment with Peggie at City Hair Studio. I wanted to do rebonding touch up on my hair roots as most of them had grown out to be curly again and I couldn’t stand my current hair length. So, I requested for a hair cut as well. Unfortunately, Peggie did not give me the length that I wanted. She wanted to snipe them shorter but then she decided to keep a safe length just in case if I am not comfortable with overly short hair.

Oh well, I think I will request to have it cut slightly shorter when I visit her this Sunday for another round of hair treatment. I spent a total of B$239 at her place yesterday. B$120 for my hair rebonding service and another B$119 for the hair care set which I bought from her and she gave me a saloon use type of hair dryer for free. I had been meaning to get a powerful hair dryer as the one which I had at home took me ages to dry my hair.


So, this was the hair care set which I bought from her yesterday. It’s a bamboo range of hair care. It came with a bottle of shampoo, treatment mask and repair serum. Peggie loves the scent a lot but it’s average to me only. But as long as the products work up to what it promised, I am fine by it.

Anyways, Joo Sie and I met up for lunch at Ikura Sushi Restaurant after I am done with my hair session. I owed her about B$22.50 from our previous meal at Excapade Sushi, Bandar. So, we met up yesterday so that I could pay her back of what I owed. We both took turn to order what we wanted but decided not to order too much just in case if we couldn’t finish them like the other day.


Sake Spicy Don | B$9.50

This is like Spicy Chirashi Don from Kaizen Sushi. Portion was just right as I don’t feel bloated after finishing the entire dish. The rice was a little bit wet and sticky but doesn’t taste weird compared to the first time when I visited with Kaylie. Albeit it being categorized as a spicy dish, but it wasn’t as spicy as I anticipated it to be. The salmon chunks were pretty mashed up in my opinion. I don’t mind ordering this again the next time I visit them, perhaps I will request them to make it a little bit spicier and not mashing up the salmon chunks?


Sake Sarada | B$5.00

Joo Sie was pretty intrigued by this when she saw it on their menu. She thought it was some fruit salad but I told her that it’s a salmon sashimi salad. So, we ordered one to share but I was rather disappointed by their portion. The salmon chunks weren’t sliced this small compared to what I had for the first time. This is something worth trying if you like both salad and salmon sashimi. But be prepared that you might get sick with the amount of their salad dressing.


Hana Maki | B$3.50


Soft Shell Crab Furai | B$5.00

Breadcrumb is still not my favorite frying coat batter. I still preferred tempura batter. They were crunchy but a little bit dry at the same time due to the breadcrumb batter. And yes, you could eat up the entire crab without choking. LOL!


Salmon Okonomiyaki | B$6.50

It looked very appealing to me when served but it’s still not the best Okonomiyaki which I had. The best Okonomiyaki which I had previously tried were probably the one from Kitaro Japanese Restaurant and Gohan Sushi Restaurant. I only managed to finish up a slice and leave the remaining for Joo Sie to finish. The girl managed to finish and left two slices untouched.

Ikura Sushi Restaurant
Unit 36 & 37, First Floor,
Gadong Central, Jalan Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2422020


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