Agro-Technology Park, Brunei

As promised, here comes an overdue blog entry on Agro-Technology Park located at Kampung Tungku. The family and I visited the said place on the first day of Chinese New Year as there’s nothing much that you could do in Brunei anyways apart from house visiting. It’s advised not to do heavy shopping on the first day of CNY. I have no idea what’s the main reason behind it but that’s the superstitious saying.

I did not take a lot of pictures of the surrounding but mostly on the plants only. So if you are interested in plants, perhaps this blog entry might fascinates you?


The entrance leading to Agro-Technology Park. There is an open air parking space across the entrance whereby you can see quite a few food vendors selling snacks and beverages.


It’s the first day of CNY on the day when we visited Agro-Technology Park. So, that explained why I was in a red blouse. It’s rare to find red colored clothing in my wardrobe but I decided to go for a change this year and got this blouse instead.

Anyways, pictures of flowers ahead …


There’s a greenhouse as you walked further into the park and the plants displayed inside were under the care of KN Nursery. Before visiting Agro-Technology Park, I was under the impression that these plants were not for sale but for the sake of displaying only until I was there myself. And these plants ain’t cheap. Some of them were cheap but majority were pretty expensive to me.








All the above pictures of plants were taken inside the greenhouse. Another side of the greenhouse is for planting vegetables. They do have vegetables like Sawi Manis, tomatoes and so on. And I think they have cherry tomatoes as well.

Ending today’s blog entry with one last picture of myself taken before we leave Agro-Technology Park. xD



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