Review: Fruitime

Fruitime had been opened for quite some time but I never gotten round to try their beverages until last Sunday when I was in Gadong. I drove to Gadong as I wanted to check out those scented candles at Euro Classic Collection Gift Store. I did not buy any though but at least I know which scent that I will go after when I finished my current one. I am currently using Colony White Jasmine and it was a birthday gift from Seng Yee two years ago.

You must be wondering what took me so long to use the birthday gift. LOL! I wasn’t too keen about scented candles previously as I find some of them too overpowering for my liking. But surprisingly, this White Jasmine wasn’t too strong for my nose and I quite like it. And while I was searching for a new scent at Euro Classic on last Sunday afternoon, I found another love – Fresh Linen. I think it smelled like Fairy laundry powder which I used while I was still studying in the UK.

Anyways, let’s talk about Fruitime today. Some local bloggers and readers recommended me Fruitime if I am looking for fresh fruit juices or smoothies. To be honest, I am not that health conscious. Hence, it took me this long to try it for myself.


Fruitime is located on the same block as Sia & Tang. I think it’s located just right next to Sia & Tang if my memory serves me well enough. The cafe isn’t big in size. I think it’s a partitioned shop lot. Fruitime provides a few tables and chairs for patrons who wish to sit in while enjoying their beverages. On the right side next to the entrance, there is a chiller which displays sliced fruits stored in cups for patrons who wish to have some ready made fruits while on the go.



This is their beverages’ menu. All beverages were blended with the fresh fruits itself rather than artificial flavorings. The first beverage which caught my attention was their Fresh Durian Smoothie. I actually wanted to order that but decided not to as the smell will linger in the mouth and car. So, I ended up with Fresh Avocado Smoothie. Specifically requested my smoothie to be less icy.


Fruitime also provides nutritional benefits information of a couple of beverages on their menu. I did not realize that avocado can prevents aging until now. Hmm … This is something new to me.


Fresh Avocado Smoothie | B$4.80

To be honest, I still find my beverage to be a little bit too icy for my liking even when I requested it to be less icy. Albeit being icy, the texture of the smoothie was extremely smooth. The sweetness level was just perfect. It wasn’t too sweet and it doesn’t taste bland either. It took me couple of hours before I managed to finish the whole cup. I let it cool down for a while so that it’s easier for me to drink without freezing half of my brain. LOL!

Block B, Unit 2,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2427919


4 thoughts on “Review: Fruitime

  1. Ooohh, everything still looks the same in Fruitime.. Only difference is that the shop got cut into half.. lol.. it used to be bigger cause before they have the fridge-like thing to store all the fresh fruits (and they were for sale).. looks like they don’t need such a big space anymore 🙂

    • o.O Is it? I had never been to Fruitime previously until last Sunday so I did not know what’s the actual size of the shop.

      They still have a bigger fridge at the back of the shop that display fresh fruits like honeydew and watermelon. Not much. I think it was only 10% filled with fresh fruits.

      But they do have another fridge next to the entrance to display freshly cut fruits in cups for customers who wish to have some fruits to eat while on the go.

  2. Yes Ceci is right, the shop last time was not this half cut! 😮 I just knew this. Well apparently i haven’t been there for a long time lol (which basically means Gadong *cries*). The avocado smoothie looks refreshing :9 Finally you’ve been Fruitime-ed! About time :p

    • Probably business not as good as how they anticipated it to be so they decided to cut the shop size in order to save some expenses?

      I think I would be trying their fruit juices next time instead of smoothie. Smoothie was a little bit too rich for my liking. LOL!

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