Lunch @ Bello Cafe, Kiulap

I think I had only frequented Bello Cafe five times ever since it opened it’s door to the public couple of years ago. Jia made arrangement to meet up with me last Sunday afternoon for lunch at Bello Cafe. She was craving for their Swiss Burger. But she did offered that I could choose between Hing Nam Fong and Bello Cafe.

I was craving for the Kueh Chap from Hing Nam Fong the other day but the both of us ended up at Koryo Restaurant instead. Some even said I had more cravings compared to the pregnant woman herself. To be honest, there was a certain time of the month when I had infinite cravings. LOL!

Food pictures ahead …


Stylo Milo | B$3.80

As I am currently on medication, I banned myself from having coffee or tea. That was how I ended up with Stylo Milo instead. I had tried their Super-Stylo Milo previously as per recommendation from Jia but I remembered it being extremely sweet for my liking. Hence, I requested the waitress to reduce the amount of Milo powder sprinkles on my beverage as well as the ice. They managed to fulfill all my requests.


Mushroom Soup | B$4.80

Jia ordered a plate of soup for herself. When finished the soup, her tummy was almost half full. LOL! According to her, this tasted average only. To be honest, my preference had always been New Cottage Grills when it comes to soup. Love their Creme Pumpkin Seafood the most!


Melt-In-The-Mouth Swiss Burger | B$10.80

This was what Jia ordered for herself. According to the menu, Swiss Burger came with homemade beef patty. To be honest, we both thought that the portion was humongous compared to before. We both had the same thing previously but don’t recall them being this big in size. As I mentioned previously, their beef patty was homemade and it was extremely thick, about an inch thick or more.

Albeit Jia being craving for their Swiss Burger previously, she still couldn’t finish the portion. All in all, it was a satisfying burger and finger licking good too. If you are a huge fan for beef burger, do try Bello Cafe’s version of their Swiss Burger. It was really really good!


Chicken Burger | B$8.80

As I don’t eat beef, I ordered their Chicken Burger. The patty was homemade as well but it was half inch thinner than Jia’s beef patty. Our burgers came with a side dish of fries. The chicken patty was topped with a piece of melting cheese and loads of button mushrooms. If you know me well enough, you would have realized that I am a huge fan of mushrooms. Especially button mushrooms but not the ones in can though. Towards the end of the meal, I realized that Jia’s fries were longer while mine were short. LOL!

Bello Cafe
Unit L1/12, Ground Floor,
Seri Qlap Mall, Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BB3577,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2233989

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