Lunch @ Secret Recipe, The Mall

Had lunch at Secret Recipe, The Mall last Sunday afternoon after my hair treatment session at City Hair Studio. Intended to have Curry Laksa at Hot Point Restaurant but the place was too crowded with patrons having lunch so I decided on Secret Recipe in the end. There was no other patron at the time when I arrived at Secret Recipe. I was the first and followed by a few other patrons a short while after.

Had been craving for Chicken Burger for quite some time so I ordered Chicken Steak & Fries for myself and a glass of Caramel Latte. I had requested for a glass of warm water as well but it never came. It had come to my observation that majority waiters/waitresses failed to serve plain water when requested at several few restaurants. It was a wonder to me why they failed to serve plain water when they themselves had noted it down onto their menu notepad.


Caramel Latte | B$5.50

This was one of the most expensive Caramel Latte which I had drank by far. It doesn’t have a rich coffee taste but majority of the content is milk. I couldn’t taste much of the caramel either. Albeit it not being the best Caramel Latte which I had tried so far, I still managed to finish the entire cup.


Chicken Steak & Fries | B$8.90

What I liked about Secret Recipe’s Chicken Steak & Fries is the juicy and the tenderness of their Chicken Steak. They were deep fried to perfection – crispy and crunchy at certain parts of the steak. But unfortunately, they went slightly overboard with the seasoning. Minority parts of the Chicken Steak were too salty to the extent that I needed to smear extra Life Chili Sauce onto it to balance out the saltiness. Fries provided were those frozen ones which you could get from your local grocery store. Accompanying dipping sauce was tartar sauce if I am not mistaken.

Secret Recipe
Unit 1.28 & 1.33,
The Mall,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457123


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