Review: My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask

Jia just Whatsapp-ed me asking me what is Cream Of Tartar and where she could get it in Brunei. She also asked if she could get it from the local Indian convenience stores. To be honest, I doubt the local Indian convenience stores have it as even the major supermarkets like Hua Ho and Supa Save do not have it. Well, I got mine from LeApple Bakery Mart few months ago when I got obsessed with baking.

She told me that she is planning to bake a cheesecake this evening as her in-laws are coming down to Bandar to meet her and the family. I asked her where she got her recipe from as I find the ingredients to be a little over the board for a normal cheesecake. Instead of a block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, she will be using two blocks and 10 eggs! Hopefully, her cake will turn out good since this is her first time with baking cheesecake. Speaking of baking, I am planning on baking Sweet Corn Cream Chiffon Cake with the new 18cm chiffon pan which I bought yesterday from Hua Ho, Delima.

Anyways, let’s not talk about baking anymore or else it will be never ending. LOL!

I will be doing a skincare product review on My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask today. I bought it last December when I was in Miri for Elsey’s wedding dinner but it got postponed/cancelled approximately one week before the appointed date. No, there’s no runaway bride or groom, if that’s what you are wondering. The couple just decided that they will postpone the wedding dinner in Miri since they already had a wedding dinner in Penang in early December.


My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask

To be honest, I think I had tested out majority sheet masks that My Scheming had manufactured so far. LOL! I like My Scheming sheet masks as much as I do for both SexyLook and My Beauty Diary. Sister is coming home for a week in a few days time and I decided not to have a purchase list for her apart from Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief from Shanghai Pudong Airport to replace my soon to finish Shiseido Pureness Matifying Moisturize Oil-Free.

I am always constantly on a lookout for sheet masks with whitening properties and effects. Hence, the reason why I bought this sheet mask in the first place. According to the packaging, My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask is for “dry and limp skin, enhancing skin vitality, moisture and elasticity. Pearl protein can be absorbed efficiently by our skin and has superior effect on reserving moisture in your skin. Pearl protein can help in reserving the nutrients and moisture in the mask, and give you a smooth and silky skin.

As usual, I would leave the sheet mask in the fridge before application. I left this in the fridge overnight compared to the usual 15 to 20 minutes. Upon removing the sheet mask from it’s packaging, the sheet mask was extremely wet with essence. The texture of the sheet mask was thin. It’s ability to lock the essence on the sheet mask without dripping during application was good. I had tried some other brands of sheet masks whereby the essence kept on dripping down to my neck during application.

The sheet mask came with a subtle hint of flowery scent. Some beauty bloggers mentioned that the sheet mask smelled like white jasmine or green tea but I personally think that it smelled a little bit rosy but subtle. Anyways, I left the sheet mask on my face for approximately 20 minutes while blow drying my hair. When removed the sheet mask from my face, my skin was noticeably brighter, smoother and softer. Unfortunately, the effects weren’t long lasting as they only lasted for a night.

So, here’s what I think of My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask in a nutshell:

1. Sheet mask came with generous amount of essence.
2. Came with subtle hint of flowery smell.
3. Ability to hold essence was good.
4. Skin was noticeably brighter, smoother and softer after application.
5. Doesn’t reek of alcohol.

1. Effects weren’t long lasting, only for a night.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: RM6.90

Repurchase? Yeah!


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