Of Random Things #43

Baked Sweet Corn Cream Chiffon Cake yesterday evening when I came home from work. Used my newly purchased 18cm chiffon pan and it was a major regret as the batter was too much for the chiffon pan and it ended up rising above the chiffon pan about an inch or two.

Click here for the original recipe if you are interested.


To be honest, I could only blame myself for using such a small chiffon pan when the original recipe called for a 20cm chiffon pan. I used a 18cm instead. I wondered if the pan size has anything to do with the shrinkage. Majority of the cake recipes which I adapted recently called for all-purpose or self-raising flour instead of cake flour. Unmoulding process was a little bit hard compared to before.


The texture of the cake is spongy but both parents and I find the cake to be a little bit dense and wet. Something must had went wrong with my process of making the chiffon cake as the original recipe looked very moist and spongy rather than wet and dense of mine. But I don’t mind trying this another time with cake flour instead of self-raising flour and 21cm chiffon pan instead of 20cm.


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