Dinner @ Excapade Sushi, Regent Square (29.04.2014)

Both Sister and I went for dinner at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square yesterday evening after work. We couldn’t decide what to eat so I asked her to choose which cuisine she wanted to try. She suggested Japanese or Korean cuisine. So, I myself decided with Japanese cuisine since it’s been more than a month since I last had sushi and sashimi.

I chose Excapade Sushi at Regent Square as I wanted to go Hua Ho, Kiulap to buy some ingredients for the baking of Durian Cheesecake tonight. I intended to try Non Bake Oreo Cheesecake but I later found out there are recipes of Durian Cheesecake on the Internet. Sister opted for Baked Durian Cheesecake over Non Bake Oreo Cheesecake in the end.

Anyways, let me show you what both Sister and I had at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square yesterday evening.


Dobinmushi | B$6.00

This was my first time trying Dobinmushi. What I knew of this dish before it was served was that it was soup in a teapot. But I never expected the teapot to be this small in size. LOL! We were being given limes for lime juices. Squeeze out some juice from the lime into the prepared dipping bowl, followed by pouring the soup into and take a sip. I squeezed out too much lime juice and my soup ended up extremely sour.

In the end, Sister suggested that we just drink the soup as it was. No need to squeeze any more lime juice as the soup itself tasted quite sweet. The soup came with a small portion of Japanese fish cake, chicken breast cube, crab stick and prawn. Everything came with one piece only apart from the Japanese fish cake. To be honest, there was nothing to rave about this. And B$6.00 for it was just freakin’ expensive!


Grilled Salmon Head (L) | B$5.50

Excapade Sushi offers Grilled Salmon Head in three sizes – S, M and L. I remembered asking for a medium sized Grilled Salmon Head but this was the size they gave me. It was still okay as I am quite a big fan of Grilled Salmon Head. Sister ate most of the salmon flesh while I had the sides. Hahaha … Those were the nutritious parts of a salmon! The salmon head was grilled perfectly but I think the Teriyaki Sauce was tad bit too salty for my liking.


Salmon Tataki | B$8.00

Instead of ordering Salmon Sashimi platter, I ordered this. To be honest, I preferred Salmon Tataki over Salmon Sashimi nowadays. The thickness of Salmon Sashimi seems to be inconsistent at different Excapade Sushi outlets. They are sometimes in thin slices or thick and juicy slices at other times.


Gyoza | B$5.00

Sister was fascinated by the idea of Cheese Gyoza in the first place. She asked me whether I had tried it. I did and the cream cheese portion was super generous and you ended up feeling sick if you had too much of it. So, I suggested that we try the savory kind of Gyoza instead. So, that was how we ended up with Chicken Gyoza.


Salmon Avocado Ebiko Temaki | B$3.80 & Salmon Seaweed Ebiko Temaki | B$3.80

The kitchen staff made a mistake with our orders. We ordered as above but the waitress served us with two pieces of Salmon Avocado Ebiko Temaki. Seaweed sheet was fresh and crispy but I personally believed that portion seems to be getting lesser and lesser. What do you think?

Excapade Sushi Regent Square
Unit 1 & 2, Ground Floor,
Regent Square, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2234011

4 thoughts on “Dinner @ Excapade Sushi, Regent Square (29.04.2014)

  1. I just went to Excapade Kiulap today & i’ve tried new dishes like curry potatoes with ebi furai with rice & salmon skewers which basically tasted almost the same like salmon asparagus which is my fav xD What dish Gyoza is? Is it good?

    • Potatoes curry with Ebi Furai? Is it something like Curry Tori Katsu Don but instead of chicken they gave you deep fried prawns? I had never tried the skewers from Excapade Sushi. To be honest, I had never tried any skewer in Japanese restaurant.

      Gyoza is something like chicken dumplings or what we called “potstickers” but this is the Japanese version. Potstickers are usually filled with minced pork and leeks. But some came with leeks only. It’s actually quite good but I couldn’t remember which Japanese restaurant in town serves the best Gyoza. The Gyoza at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront was too dry for my liking.

  2. No they really put the menu ebi furai with rice, along with curry potatoes! I was shocked to see it as well lol. And it is kinda a steal for me since it costed $7 ^_^ Worth it. Although the curry is not the best one i’ve tried. I actually didn’t order the salmon skewer, my aunt did. And it tasted almost exactly as salmon asparagus! Ahh like dumplings. Let me see if i will try it next time!

    I also went to Delato Yogurt shop which is just near & it’s my first time. I ordered strawberry flavored yoghurt & it isn’t that bad. But the honeydew flavor is sooooo tasty *_* I will be going there again hehe.

    • Hmm .. Maybe I should give Ebi Furai with Curry Potatoes a try next time. I did not manage to skim through the rice menu at the back of the menu. Only went with the normal dishes. And B$7 is really a steal.

      Dezato version of frozen yogurt is a little sweeter compared to the ones at Mochi and Blitz. To be honest, Blitz probably has the most sourish frozen yogurt that I had ever tried.

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