04052014 – Bakerlyn Cafe, Kiulap

It was Sister’s last day in Brunei yesterday before she goes back to China and it was my first rest day after working continuously for two weeks without resting. Both Sister and I skipped breakfast at home and had late breakfast at Bakerlyn Cafe. Bakerlyn Cafe serves quite a decent breakfast at reasonable pricing too. There was only a table of patrons at the time when we arrived so food didn’t take long to be served either.

So, let me show you what we had for breakfast yesterday morning at Bakerlyn Cafe, Kiulap.


Lime Juice (No Ice) | B$3.50

I am sure you could have guessed who ordered this beverage. Definitely not me as I am not so into sour beverages. According to Sister, this was good and natural. Not blended out of lime extract or syrup.


Breakfast Set B | B$5.00

This wasn’t what I wanted in the first place but I think I gave the wrong order to the waitress. Hence, being served the wrong food. I actually wanted their Breakfast Set A but ordered for Breakfast Set B instead. *sigh* This was an omelette that came with baked beans and salad.


The omelette came with fillings on the inside. The fillings were made up of minced chicken meat, button mushrooms, big onions and green capsicums. The fillings tasted okay but I think they added too much green capsicums. Of all the capsicums, I liked green capsicums the least as it has a slight raw taste compared to both red and yellow capsicums.


Coffee came inclusive with my Breakfast Set B


Claypot Noodle | B$5.50

Sister ordered a bowl of Claypot Noodle for herself. It came with generous portion of ingredients but we both agreed that the noodles were undercooked. This was just an average bowl of claypot noodles. Nothing special to rave about.

Bakerlyn Cafe
Unit No. 3, First Floor, Block C,
Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman & Hajah Siti Ajar Dan Anak-Anak,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2232328


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