Early Mother’s Day Celebration (04.05.2014)

Sister and I celebrated an early Mother’s Day with our mom last Sunday evening over dinner. We intended to have dinner outside as majority restaurants wouldn’t be jam packed with families celebrating the special occasion. But Mom decided that she wanted it do it at home instead. So, I ordered a Yam Basket With Pork Cutlets from one of Jia‘s colleague at the price of B$15 only. But it has to be self-collection from her house. As for dessert, I made Sweet Corn Cream Chiffon Cake instead of buying a cream cake from bakery shop.


Yam Basket | B$15

This was the Yam Basket With Pork Cutlets which I mentioned earlier on. The pork cutlets were stored in a separate container so that the sauce doesn’t go leaking and get in contact with the Yam Basket. To be honest, this would be extremely tasty when consumed hot but it was only warm at the time when we had dinner. So, the yam tasted slightly powdery to me. All in all, this was good and affordable.


Mom steamed half portion of a chicken and warmed up half a portion of the roasted duck which I bought from Miri in early of last month.


Dessert was of course my homemade Sweet Corn Cream Chiffon Cake. My previous bake of the same cake was an utter failure as the original recipe called for self-raising flour instead of cake/top flour. Instead of following the original recipe, I altered a little bit and made use of cake flour instead and it was a success. Mom said the texture of the cake was fine and it was not wet like before. But the sweetness level need a little bit of alteration again, considering lowering the sugar level by half next time.

Great news! I scored my first business this morning. I did not really intend to start a home based business yet as I have a full time job which took up majority of my time. Sister had been urging me to consider turning my hobby into a small income generator. After sending Sister off at the airport on Monday morning, I came home asking Jennifer if she minds me baking her a Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake as I had extra cream cheese left from the baking of Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins on the night before.

So, I baked her a 17cm Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake and she liked it. Her mom even asked if I am interested in selling and she placed her first order of 21cm Banana Chiffon Cake just a while ago. Delivery will be depending on my preference. I told her I can only deliver on Sunday over lunch as I needed time to find the kind of banana that I usually use for Banana Chiffon Cake.


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