Review: 人间茶坊, Kuching

Yes, I was in Kuching for the last few days to sort out family affairs and that explained why I had been MIA for the past few days on my blog. I do check my blog occasionally for the past few days but without any blog update. Both Mom and I came back home yesterday morning while Dad stays till this coming Saturday.

On the day when both Mom and I arrived Kuching, my youngest aunt came to pick the both of us for tea before going to pick up my 12 years old non-biological brother from school. LOL! Well, this non-biological brother is the son of my youngest aunt but he calls Mom “Mama” too. Anyways, we had tea at this quaint little cafe called 人间茶坊.


This was the view of 人间茶坊 from outside. The place was decorated with the feel of a traditional cafe, like the ones you see in those traditional Chinese drama series. 人间茶坊 was created in Sarawak by a pair of idealistic couple back in 1995 but there were a few changes of ownership since then. But they now have a few more branches in Sarawak and Johor Bahru.



Some pictures which I took of the cafe. As you can see in the above images, the cafe was decorated with bamboos, wooden tables and chairs. They even have a cupboard of teapots nearby to the entrance but I did not have a picture of it.


人间奶茶 | RM5.90

Thought this was one big jug filed with milk tea but it turned out that there was a long drainer in the centre of the jug. Nevertheless, it was still too much for myself to finish. This was a sugar free milk tea and you needed to add in some sugar to your preference. I added half a teaspoon of sugar and it still tasted quite bland.


奶油咖椰吐司 | RM3.90

This was average to me but my youngest aunt loved it. I find the crust to be a little bit hard for my liking. I know toasted bread should be hard and thick but it shouldn’t be like this.


韭菜蒸饺 | RM7.50

I loved this the most among others. The dumpling skin wasn’t too thick and there were soup flowing out when you took a bite. The portion of minced chicken was generous and it doesn’t have a strong taste of leek. The dumplings came with a dipping dumpling sauce.

Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
93150, Kuching,
East Malaysia
Tel: +6085-232199


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