04052014 – Senja Restaurant, Kiulap

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As I mentioned few days ago, both Sister and I wanted to try Senja Restaurant in Kiulap last Friday. But it was pouring cats and dogs at the time when I left work. The road visibility was not good either, so the both of us ended up at Piccolo Fratini’s Restaurant instead for an Italian dinner. LOL!

Both Sister and I only managed to drop by Senja Restaurant, Kiulap 10 minutes to 3:00p.m. in the afternoon for a late lunch. We went grocery shopping at Supa Save, Beribi and LeApple Bakery Mart as I needed to buy a bottle of Double Acting Baking Powder for my colleague. There were only a few tables of patrons at the time when we arrived as it was way over lunch time.

Both Sister and Jennifer intended to have dinner at Senja Restaurant, Kiulap last Saturday evening but the place was fully booked so they went to High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe instead. The lighting at Senja Restaurant, Kiulap was quite minimal to create the ambiance required. But if you go during daytime, the lighting is still adequate without needing extra lighting.


Serviette with restaurant name printed on it …


This is the view taken from the place we were seated. Senja Restaurant, Kiulap were equipped with this plush and comfy dining chairs. But unfortunately, there was a blackout while we were waiting for our food to arrive. We thought the entire building was out of electric supply but it turned out to be only a trip and electric came back after a flick of the switch on the main-board.

So, here comes the food pictures which you all had been waiting for …


Teh Tarik | 2.50

Hot drink for the Sister. I found it amusing that she ordered a cup of Teh Tarik at a fine dining restaurant when the weather was so scorching hot outside.


Coke | B$2.00

Coke for me as I preferred cold fizzy drink with my choice of lunch. It’s quite rare for me to order fizzy drink when dining outside as I couldn’t finish them most of the time. Fizzy drink would only come into the scene when dining at KFC, McDonald or Subway. Speaking of which, I have yet tried the newly opened Burger King franchise in Brunei.


Senja Lamb Burger | B$16.00

I thought I took a picture of their lunch menu. But unfortunately, the picture wasn’t complete so I couldn’t remember exactly the name of my ordered Lamb Burger. All I remembered was that the lamb patty was marinated with either mint sauce or leaves. The bun was thick and a little bit dry as it was exposed to air before we dig into our food.

The lamb patty was overdone in my opinion as it was extremely dry. Lamb patty was topped with green leaves, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and gherkins. The last time I had gherkins was probably when I was still working at Subway in Ware, United Kingdom. The fries were good! Crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. But unfortunately, I was unable to finish the whole hot as the Coke and lamb burger took up majority space of my stomach already.


Deli Smoked Salmon | B$16.00

I think Sister liked her Deli Smoked Salmon. She managed to finish the entire lot including the fries as well, which was a surprise to me as she’s not much of a heavy eater compared to me. Not saying that I am a glutton or what but still … There was cream cheese spread on her bun and a cut of lemon was provided for her smoked salmon.

We had also ordered for Creme Brulee but completely forgotten until we were paying for our meal at the payment counter. The both of us decided to cancel our Creme Brulee as we couldn’t stuff any more food. All in all, the dining experience was good but there are still space for improvements when cooking grilling lamb patties.

Senja Restaurant
First Floor,
Seri Kiulap Complex,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7203734


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