Of Random Things #49

I had just thrown two baking batters today. I was attempting Asian version of Sausage Rolls this afternoon when I came back from lunch with Jennifer and Eric at MyTown Eating House. I had my first trial with Sanyo The Bread Factory Plus which Jennifer’s mom gave me since they are no longer using it at home.

It turned out that something was not working inside. I only realized that when I had poured in all my dry and wet ingredients into the bowl provided. The kneading blade just wouldn’t “move” no matter how many times I tried. Out of frustration, I decided to throw the ingredients away it had already dampened my mood for further baking.

I was attempting Nutella Chiffon Cake by wendyinkk later in the evening. Instead of getting an airy and light batter, all I got was a watery batter which the liquid leaked out when poured into my newly purchased 24cm chiffon pan. I got rather pissed and decided to wash the entire batter down the sink.

*sigh* Don’t wanna talk about my baking disasters anymore …


This was breakfast of few days ago. Like I said, it was Dragon Boat Festival last week hence it’s expected that I would get this for breakfast in every few days. LOL! But it’s okay as I am quite a huge fan for such dumplings. Hahaha … xD


Maggie Curry Noodles! My breakfast this morning before driving out to buy some baking ingredients and meeting Jennifer for lunch. I had been having quite a lot of this lately. It’s time to stop consuming these noodles for a while.


Mocha Caramelatte | B$6.40

I finished grocery shopping earlier than expected so I drove to Batu Satu half an hour earlier before my scheduled lunch with Jennifer. I walked to FRESHCO from where I parked my car and decided to get Mocha Caramelatte from Gloria Jeans Coffees.

With Jennifer running late, I had more than enough time to enjoy a cuppa. I think the barista went overdose with the caramel syrup as my coffee tasted extremely sweet.


Bought this pack of Pocky from FRESHCO. I wanted to get those Green Tea flavored Kit Kat but decided not to when I checked the price tag. I think it was B$8.90 or B$9.90 for a pack.


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