Review: MyTown Eating House

Just came home from lunch with Jennifer and Eric an hour ago. The weather had been gloomy today since morning but there’s a little bit sunshine coming out now that the rain had stopped. I have water roux cooling into room temperature on the dining table at the moment. I will be attempting Asian version of Sausage Rolls with the Sanyo The Bread Factory Plus which Jennifer’s mom gave me.

Anyways, let’s get started with my review on MyTown Eating House which Jennifer, Eric and I just visited for lunch. There won’t be any picture of the restaurant’s interior as I did not take any. But the place was crowded with patrons at the time when we arrived. We got there around 15 minutes to one.

MyTown Eating House operates differently as compared to other restaurant in town. It has roughly the same concept like fast food chains whereby you order your food at the counter and pay on the spot rather than paying after having your meal. You can also take your own sweet time choosing what you want to order at the dining table from the menu and write your orders on the order form provided before bringing it to the Cashier for payment.


MyTown Eating House designed their menu looking like newspaper but color printed. They have breakfast set meals on the first page of their menu but they’ll serve serving at 10:30a.m. in the morning. If you are a huge fan of freshly baked buns from the oven, MyHouse Eating House serves fresh batches of baked buns at 7:00a.m., 10:00a.m. and 3:00p.m daily.


This is the menu for their main courses which I took from the Cashier counter while paying. By the look on the above picture, half of the dishes were not available at the moment. I had read reviews saying that their Prawn Gearbox was good but the price was really steep. B$49.90 for a plate of Prawn Gearbox. That ain’t cheap at all!


Cute saucer cups displayed at the Cashier counter. They looked cute to me but I wonder if these are for sale? The plastic traditional lookalike telephone is probably the tip box. xD

Without further ado, let me show you what we ordered for lunch today.


Ipoh Coffee Coffee “C” Peng | B$1.80

When this was being served, Jennifer mentioned that this wasn’t what she ordered but she did not press the server further. She then thought perhaps she had written the wrong order onto the order form. But when I was checking back the receipt bill just a moment ago, I realized that the staff might have gotten the wrong order.

The coffee in the above picture is so not Coffee “C”. “C” literally means milk in traditional coffee house while “O” means without milk but sugar only. But still, Jennifer did mentioned that the coffee tasted good albeit they got her the wrong order.


Biscuit & Milo “O” | B$2.00

Eric’s choice of beverage. Do the biscuits trigger any of your childhood memories? Hahaha … To be honest, I don’t remember eating much of these biscuits back when I was still a kid. Reason being, my mom doesn’t really allow me consuming too much sweet tidbits. The biscuits are to be poured into the Milo or you could have it plain. You could always request for extra portion of these biscuits at B$0.50 if I am not mistaken.


Penang Kway Teow | B$4.50

Both Jennifer and Eric ordered the same thing. When I was paying at the counter, the Cashier mentioned to me that they won’t be able to separate the beansprouts from the noodles as their chef is cooking this in a large portion to cater several orders at the same time.

If you are someone who don’t like beansprouts in your noodles, you might want to consider ordering other food instead. Taste wise, Jennifer though it was good enough but Eric thought it was only average as he had better than this before.


Crispy Kway Teow Chicken | B$5.50

This was my choice of lunch which I deeply regretted. The special “feature” of this noodle dish was that half side of the noodles was deep fried while the other side was like the usual Stir Fry Kway Teow. If you are a huge fan of deep fried food, you might like the crispy version of the noodle. I personally think the normal stir fry Kway Teow was too bland for my liking and the broth lack of flavor. And one of the chicken breast cutlets was undercooked.

Verdict: Good customer service and I liked the decoration of the restaurant. But unfortunately, food was just average in my opinion. And what’s more disappointing was that half of the menu was not available at the moment. I don’t mind returning to the restaurant again in the future but hopefully, their menu will be complete next time.

MyTown Eating House
B1-B3, Block B,
Ground Floor,
The Crown Princess Complex,
KM2.5, Jalan Tutong,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2241880


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