Review: Justberrys, Brunei

Justberrys is a new dessert outlet which had been opened for about a week. Justberrys is located inside MyTown Eating House. For those of you who had tried out the said cafe/restaurant, I am pretty sure that you would have heard of Justberrys by now. Justberrys is a Malacca originated franchise dessert shop. It has recently opened a franchise outlet in our neighboring town – Miri as well.

After Jennifer, Eric and I had finished our lunch at MyTown Eating House, we moved over to Justberrys for desserts. I am assuming that Justberrys was brought into Brunei by the same owner as MyTown Eating House as they both shared the same payment counter and system. But Justberrys operates on another side of the cafe.

Turn left from the entrance if you are coming from the back of the restaurant. Or if you are coming from the front entrance, walk straight towards the back entrance. And before you reach the back entrance, there will be a small walkway on your right. That’s where Justberrys is operating.


Mango Longan Snow Pudding | B$5.50

I had originally wanted to try their Golden Pamelo. But unfortunately, all desserts that comes with pamelo are not available at the moment. So, I opted for this Mango Longan Snow Pudding. My choice came with several mango cubes, longan, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and something which tasted like custard. The bottom of the dessert was shaved ice.

The mango cubes were juicy but then they were too sour for my liking. To be honest, the mango really smelled great but sour. The longan were sweet though but they are definitely from canned food. I was rather disappointed with what I ordered. And B$5.50 was freakin’ overpriced to me.


Pandan Cendol | B$3.50

Jennifer and Eric ordered this to share. It’s basically like the local Cendol that we have here but this one has a better presentation. Both the red beans and green Cendol strips were overdone in my opinion. The huge ice ball in the center was topped with Gula Melaka and coconut milk. Honestly speaking, those Cendol from Lee Loi Fatt taste a lot better than this.

B1-B3, Block B,
Ground Floor,
The Crown Princess Complex,
KM2.5, Jalan Tutong,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2241880


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